The Best HDTVs for Gaming in 2013: Part 2


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Back in May, I wrote an article giving my opinion on some of the best HDTVs you can purchase for gaming. Since then, I have graded over a hundred new displays from several manufacturers for input lag, and have narrowed down my selection to what I believe are some of the best HDTVs you can purchase right now. With the imminent release of the Playstation 4 and Xbox One, I’m sure many of you are looking to upgrade your setup to accommodate these exciting new consoles, and it is important to have a HDTV with low input lag to maximize your enjoyment. Without further ado, here are my top HDTV picks:


Best HDTV Overall:


2013 Sony KDL-55W900A

Sony KDL-55W900A

Without a doubt, the Sony W900A is my favorite HDTV of 2013. Not only does it feature a blistering fast 19ms input lag rating (which qualifies under our highest excellent rating), but it is also one of the best HDTVs you can buy when it comes to picture quality. This 1080p HDTV features a native 240hz panel with Motionflow Impulse capabilities. Impulse allows you to switch the HDTV to a strobing backlight, dramatically reducing motion blur that is commonly associated with LED HDTVs. While it will dim your picture, it’s an excellent option for Sony to include into their HDTV, as some people absolutely despise motion blur. The W900A also features local dimming to increase contrast ratios by dimming the backlight on dark parts of the screen, a feature that’s standard on higher end HDTVs. Expect deep, vivid colors and contrast that is far better than most other LED HDTVs, comparable to some of the top plasma HDTVs in the price range. It fully supports 3D content via its active 3D display, as well as 4 HDMI ports, a luxury that is diminishing in HDTVs as time progresses. Make no mistake, this HDTV will be an absolute joy to play on. Are you a serious Call of Duty player that must have excellent input response to frag instantaneously? Buy this TV. Do you enjoy playing fighting games like Street Fighter with your friends offline and tired of laggy big screen HDTVs? Buy this TV. The only downsides to this HDTV are its limited Smart TV functions, and that it only comes in a 55-inch size. I really wish the W900A series came in a larger size around 60-65″, as it would make it the ultimate gamer’s HDTV for years to come. Chances are, if you’re buying this HDTV, the Smart TV functions don’t matter anyway, because you already have a PS3/Xbox 360, and are about to invest in a PS4/Xbox One this fall. Check the latest price of the W900A on Amazon.


For Gamers Under $2,000:

2013 Sony KDL-55W802A

Sony KDL-55W802A

Yet another knockout from Sony, the W802 series looks strikingly similar to the W900A, however there are some key differences. The native 240hz Triluminos panel is replaced with a standard 1080p 120hz panel, and some advanced features like local dimming aren’t present in this model. However, the W802A boasts a slightly faster input lag rating over the W900A, clocking in at 17ms of input lag, falling under our excellent category as well! It features 4 HDMI ports, ensuring that you will be able to hook up all of your devices without the need for HDMI switches. The W802A also features Sony’s excellent Motionflow Impulse mode, allowing it to enable a strobing backlight to reduce motion blur significantly. If you don’t require the bells and whistles of the W900A when it comes to picture quality, the W802A is more than serviceable in this regard, still boasting a sharp picture regardless. Not to mention, this HDTV still features 3D capabilities for all of your 3D watching needs. If you’re a gamer that values extremely fast input lag but don’t want to break the bank, the W802A is definitely one of the top choices this year for a near-lagless display, beating out hundreds of displays in gaming response time. Check the latest price of the W802 on Amazon.


2013 LG 55LA7400

LG 55LA7400

The 55LA7400 is certainly a great HDTV for gamers that have an open budget. It features a native 240hz panel complete with passive 3D functionality and a 1080p resolution. There are 3 HDMI connections available, which should be enough to connect all of your equipment. Compared to the Sony W802A, you are getting an input lag rating of 39ms, which places it into our ‘great’ category. While not quite as fast as the W802A, the LG makes up for it with it’s beautiful picture quality and plethora of customization options. This HDTV also features local dimming, a feature absent from the Sony W802A (but present in the W900A). One feature I love about LG HDTVs is that they come pre-programmed with ISF calibrated picture settings for those of you that value color accuracy. I believe this is a great HDTV to game on if you’re willing to sacrifice a little bit of responsiveness from the Sony W802A, though it’ll still be great to play most games on regardless. Check the latest price of the LA7400 on Amazon.


For Gamers On A Budget:

2013 LG 32LN530B

LG 32LN530B

LG has made some great gaming HDTVs this year, and have proven themselves to offer great value at various price points. One of these exceptional values is the 32LN530B. This 32-inch LED HDTV looks rather unimpressive at first glance, with its 720p resolution and 60hz refresh rate. But for what it lacks in technical specifications, it makes up for in its input lag rating of 28ms, outclassing many displays in our input lag database. It’s definitely an option to consider alongside Samsung’s excellent UN32EH4003 from last year. This LG HDTV features two HDMI inputs, so you can connect both the Xbox One and Playstation 4 if you need to. Check the latest price of the LN530B on Amazon.



2013 Toshiba 39L1350U

Toshiba 39L1350U

Its been a while since Toshiba made the list, and it’s nice to see them offering some budget-friendly solutions for those that want an affordable HDTV for gaming. This particular model is a 1080p HDTV operating at 60hz (120hz using Toshiba’s ClearScan technology), and surprisingly features Audyssey EQ functionality to get a little more impact from the sound. This HDTV features an input lag rating of 30ms, falling under our ‘great’ rating. It’s definitely one of the better performers when compared to other HDTVs in our database, comparable to Samsung’s great UN40F5000 which measured at 28ms of input lag. The L1350U offers 3 HDMI ports, which is great considering that most sub-$500 HDTVs come with only 2 HDMI inputs nowadays. There are no Smart TV functions to be found here, which shouldn’t be an issue for most gamers. The L1350U can be obtained in 23, 29, 32, 39, 50, and 58-inch sizes, though I recommend going no lower than the 39-inch due to its 1080p output. Check the latest price on Amazon.


For Gamers That Want BIG:

2013 Samsung UN75F6400

Samsung UN75F6400

This thing is HUGE. Seriously, you have to see it in person to really appreciate it. The biggest problem I have with big HDTVs is that they tend to be much more laggy than their smaller counterparts. Fortunately, this is not the case with the 75-inch UN6400. Its input lag rating measured at 39ms, which is definitely way above average in this size range. This HDTV features micro-dimming features to boost contrast ratios, which will certainly come in handy when playing games like The Last of Us or the next generation of blockbuster titles. It comes fully equipped with an active 3D 120hz display running at 1080p resolution, as well as 4 HDMI inputs to connect all of your devices. If you’re looking for a large size HDTV that’s perfect for most video games, I highly recommend the UN756400 as one of your best gaming options. Check the latest price on Amazon.


This sums up part 2 of our HDTV buyer’s guide! If you have any questions or comments about this article, feel free to comment below.


About the author

Adeel Soomro

Adeel Soomro

Adeel Soomro, also known as "Four Wude", has been a competitive Street Fighter 4 player since 2008. Using his extensive gaming experience on a casual and professional level, he aims to spread the awareness of input lag existing in today's displays. Having tested over 300 displays for input lag, he hopes that DisplayLag will aid gamers around the world when purchasing the best HDTV or monitor for gaming.


  • i have a question. i bought asus monitor for gaming and television. but television is only provided via an analog signal coxial cable in my dorm room. is there any coxial cable analog signal converter i can use so i can view tv on my monitor? Iview and homeworx boxes wont work on analog signal….

  • I was wondering why i should stay away from smaller 1080p HDTVs, my room is fairly small so even a 32″ is pushing it. Also, i was looking at the Samsung F500 and Toshiba L1350U, will 120hz on the Toshiba make it worth buying over the Samsung?

    • I would only recommend the 120hz if you appreciate the ‘soap opera’ effect that comes from motion interpolation. Otherwise, the Samsung’s 60hz refresh rate will be sufficient. Samsung has a great track record with picture quality, so I would personally recommend the F5000 series.

      • Soap opera effect? motion interpolation?. sorry not sure what you mean.
        i bought a Samsung UE22ES5400 but found poor ghosting. would that be because of the refresh rate?

        • The soap opera effect occurs when you enable stuff like Auto Motion Plus/Motionflow. It makes the picture appear really smooth, and as a result, can reduce motion blur. Having a high refresh rate doesn’t always mean lower blur, but it does help. Most HDTVs that are 120hz or more tend to reduce motion blur over cheaper/lower brand sets.

          • It’s hard for me to recommend. For some reason, it kept returning values around 43ms of input lag. It’s really strange considering that the larger sizes have pretty good input lag performance. 43ms isn’t a terrible number, but you can do much better in that size range for gaming.

  • Is the kdl 47W802A measured at 17 ms with game mode on or off? And if it was measured with game mode on, what would the ms be with game mode off? I am trying to find a good tv for gaming in full hd, and this seems to be exceptional, seeing as you rated it “excellent” and stating it is tournament worthy. Please reply and I thank you in advance.

    • It was measured using the “Game” scene mode. With Game Mode disabled, it depends on the settings you choose. If you have everything enabled, it can go as high as 100ms or more. I would recommend using “Game” to minimize input lag.

      • Okay thank you so much. And just an idea but at some point in the future when you test future models, you ought to test the ms with everything disabled including game mode. So it is at its best performance input lagwise, besides the fact that game mode is off, because I have been dieing to find a good tv with research to back up that it reacts fast with game mode off, cause with game mode on, I feel like there is more motion blur and it takes away from the “lifelike” gaming experience. Just throwing in some good community feedback for an already great and amazingly helpful site. Again I thank you for responding.

  • I play N64 games on the virtual console and I was wondering if the Dynex DX-LCD19-09 would be a good HDTV for my Wii. If not, could someone recommend me any other one? It seems that it is a lot easier to fix input lag with newer consoles than older ones.

    • I recommend anything from my Excellent category if you’re a serious gamer, and my Great category if you want a good HDTV for gaming. Generally, I would stay away from Okay/Bad displays in my database. While the Dynex is okay, you can do much better for your money if you’re looking to purchase. Please use my buyer’s guides as reference, and try to stay around 40ms or lower.

  • Hey great site! Are u gonna test Sony´s Lower Budget Series W600? Ive heard its even lower then W802. If this is true this might become the first choise of all gamers whatever budget for the new consoles while the ones with enough cash gets the better quality w800/w900´s Love ur Lag Factor Reviews- looking forward for more 🙂

  • I’m considering to get the Sony KDL-55W900A
    I do wonder about the 240Hz panel though, could i use it at 240hz as a monitor Display? Is HDMI1.4a even capable of 1080p 240Hz? And is the pixel response time even fast enough to change pixelcolor at 240hz, it would require to have color change speed at about 4ms right?

  • I am a competitive gamer who is looking for a 50+inch HDTV. I saw the review on the Sony and older Toshiba. I have ALWAYS noticed Display Lag on most TV’s, I would say that I notice better than others. Do you think that I would notice the 18-19ms display lag??? It seems the Pros use a 8-10ms lag so I am wondering how noticeable the difference would be. Thank you for this site. I have been waiting forever for some data like this to come out. You rock!!

    • In my opinion, it will be extremely difficult to notice 18-19ms of lag using the testing method used on this site. The only large sized HDTVs that can offer this are the Sony W802A, W900A, and L6200U series from Toshiba. If you’re willing to wait, I will have hands-on impressions of the W802A this week, and I can give you a very accurate idea of how it feels relative to serious gaming. Thank you for the compliments!

      • Oh man that would be fantastic. I will most likely be going with a 27inch for competitions, but being able to play on a 55inch would just be great. I look forward to your report on the W802A! Thanks again.

        • Yes. I’ve actually spent the last two days using it. It is simply amazing for gaming. Once set to “Game” under the Scene Selection menu, it is practically impossible to detect input lag on the set. I played several hours of competitive Super Street Fighter IV with my friends and we all agreed that the HDTV is phenomenal for serious gaming, when compared to low input lag monitors. Very hard to go wrong with the W802A!

          • Okay so I ended up going with the W802A, it is fantastic! Picture looks amazing and the displaylag is very minor. I am SUPER picky and can only notice it a tiny bit on first person shooters. Thank you so much for your help.

          • You’re welcome! The W802A is a total value for gamers that is very hard to come by. It feels amazing when gaming.

  • Would love to hear thoughts on the Toshiba 55L6200U for gaming since it’s so much cheaper than the Sony. BTW love the site! Keep it up!

    • I have to retest this display to get the new numbers. But from what I’m hearing, it drops the input lag of game mode down to PC mode levels. Game mode previously was around 80ms, and PC mode was 45ms. Once I get a chance to retest it, I will update the rating in the input lag database.

  • Was that input lag for the UN6400 in game mode or in PC?
    I have the 40″ version and I love it so far. For PC games I HAVE to play in PC mode (entertain, standard makes it look like crap). For consoles it’s harder for me to to get a feel for input lag since they usually run at 25-30 FPS and I usually game on the PC and run at 60 FPS on my TV or 120 FPS on my monitor.

    For example, when I contacted my PC to my TV (game mode) I noticed that there was a delay in Bioshock Infinite while I was looking around. Essentially I would feel a slight delay while looking around but when I changed to PC mode (entertain) everything felt good.

    • The measurement for the 75″ version was done in game mode, though PC mode does not make a huge difference for the UN6400 series. I’ve done game and PC mode testing on 46″ and larger sizes and both modes yielded values very close to each other. I haven’t tested the 40″ version though, so it’s possible that it could have different processing over the other screen sizes.

  • Hi FourWude,

    could you leave an eye out to the Sony 65W850A that will be available from okt 4th 2013?

    It is very likely going to be the first 65 inch HDTV to break the 20 ms input lag barrier, just like the W6, W8 and W9 series have done.

    It essentially is the larger version of the best gaming tv: the 55W900A.

    Here is the link to Sony product page of the 65W850A:

      • WOW! Great work testing that tv. I’m happy to hear that it was worth doing the testing on.
        That makes this the first real 65 inch gaming tv in the world i guess ;).
        I’m not sure if you checked out gaming on that tv, but if you did, did you notice any ghosting, smearing or anything else noteworthy?

  • I’m looking to buy a TV for gaming and watching tv and I am on a budget. 300-400. I want something like 42″ 39 is the lowest I will go. I also don’t need a smartTV because I don’t want to pay for the extra features. Lastly, one thing i really like is thin bezels.

    have any suggestions? 🙂

      • Hello! I see in your Input Lag Database that UN40F5000 and UN46F5000 have 28ms, what about UN42F5000, have the same ms?
        Screen Type and Display Type is LED HDTV, is similar to TN panel or …? Can you give more details? I don t like TN panel..
        UN40F5500, UN46F5500 is similar to TN panel or …?
        What is Metric AVG or BTM?
        Response time plus input lag equal Input Lag form Input Lag Database?
        Thanks in Advance!
        And sorry for so many questions.

  • this is a great site, thanks for all the work you put into this!
    being curious, i recently got a leo bodnar device and found out i have a pretty abysmal tv (80ms lag in game mode, lg 55lw659s). i also have an AVR and this thing adds another 30ms (game mode) to the equation. surround sound not only adds a lot to the immersion, but in FPS games it can also really increase your situational awareness, so i would never want to go back to stereo/TV sound.

    have you ever thought of doing similar input lag tests on AVRs (maybe once you run out of TVs to test 🙂 )?

    • I’ve gotten lots of requests for AVRs, unfortunately it would be difficult to acquire them for testing. I feel your pain, as I love gaming in surround sound as well. If you go with respected brands like Denon, it shouldn’t add much lag at all on top of the HDTV lag.

  • Thank you, FourWade. I bought my “55 Sony w802a based on this sites input lag. TV is virtually lag less, and the picture quality is superb on the PS3 . I can’t wait to see how next gen looks on this display.

    • Happy to hear you’re loving it! I can play Street Fighter competitively on it with absolutely no issues. It’s definitely a winning HDTV for gamers!

  • Did you even test the LG 55LA7400? Majority of reviews rate gaming on that TV as subpar, awful with serious judder and blurring.

    • Yes, I tested its input lag. Most LCD-based HDTVs will generally have blur unless you go with plasmas or high-end LCDs (which generally have more lag, exception being the Sony W900A).

  • Those with 55″ W802A, how is the picture quality for movies and TV? My wife will kill me if I buy the set just for good gaming. Some reviews state it has really awful judder on slow panning scenes like those on Planet Earth. Any help will be most appreciated!!

  • Love your site thanks for the time and effort you put in. Does anybody have any suggestions about surround sound receivers with low input lag

  • I love your website. It’s about time someone started informing people about input lag and gathering a database of input lag results.
    I think I know a decent amount about input lag but I have a few questions and I don’t know where else to ask them. I am interested in either the Sony w802 or w900 and I’m only going to use the tv for gaming with my pc. I am wondering if all the things that make the w900 better get disabled with game mode. Both tvs will probably only be at 60htz so the 120 and 240 htz rating on both tvs is useless for gaming. It does say that the back light strobe effect to reduce motion blur is present on both models, but is this turned off for game mode? If so then this information is useless to gamers also and should not be displayed on this site as a factor is consideration. The same could be asked about the loca dimming. Past experiences say this gets disabled. The only thing that might make it better is the triluminous display. I don’t see how they could disable this, so this feature is probably going to make games look for vivid and vibrant on the 900 as opposed to the 802.
    Please, anyone with an opinion chime in.
    Is the 900 worth the extra $500 for a pc gaming monitor.?

    Also another reviewer brought up the fact that you should test tvs with the 120htz and 240htz features turned on. This would be cool. Because if I could get 25ms lag with 120htz I would consider that. Even if it’s just fake 120htz produced by the tv and not a true native 120 from the video card.

    If a tv manufacture made a 55″ 120htz native display with good color reproduction and under 15ms lag, they would sell a ton of them. They would only need 1 hdmi input and none of the fancy processing the tvs have now.

    • Just thought of another question. A 120htz tv would theoretically have to have a faster pixel response time than a 60htz tv. Correct? So does that mean a 120htz tv, even with its 120htz frame adding software turned off, would have a less blurry image (less ghosting) than a 60hz tv?

      I game on a dell u2412m now. And while it ghosts ever so slightly, I have absolutely no issues with it at all. I love it. I have a couple 60htz tvs and they look way worse. I tested input lag of the dell with a Leo bodnar lag tester and the top of the screen read 1ms. Middle was 8ms and bottom was 16ms. Basically it takes 16ms to refresh the screen so I think I was just seeing the screen refresh. Either was the response time is lightning fast. I have a panasonic e50 LCD tv with 35ms lag and it feels “laggy” to me after playing on my monitor.

    • You bring up a good point, however I would still invest in the W900A over the W802A because I’m sure there will be differences in picture quality regardless. Also, if you plan to use the TV for more than just gaming, you don’t have to use game mode for watching movies and cable content. Yeah, it costs a little more money over the W802A but I’m sure you’ll notice a difference in picture quality.

  • Does input lag matter depending on screen size of the sony w900?? I would prefer the 40 or 46 but if the 55 is better I may have to get it. And also does the picture quality differ between the sizes of screen??

    • No, the size shouldn’t make any difference. All versions of the W802A/W900A should carry the same input lag rating. Same thing with the picture quality, they should use the same panels.

      • Size should not make a difference as far as input lag goes, but you can notice motion lag more on a bigger screen. They do not necessarily use the same panels since Sony doesn’t make the panels.

    • Thanks for the update! Glad to see Sony killing it on the gaming front. Their HDTVs would make perfect companions to the PS4/Xbox One this fall.

  • Thx for a great review! looking into a lg 42ln540v or mb 39 series, they have something in common with reviewed here 32ln540b and be as good as that one?

  • Hi first I just want to say how helpful this site is. I was looking at best buy’s black friday ad and wondered if there was any way you could test the

    LG 55LN5100 LED tv since I’m not finding it anywhere on here.

  • hi, could you test samsung 40F6200 for the input lag? is it safe to assume it`s about the same as 40F5500, which is great at just 27ms? – they`re almost identical in specs.

  • Hiya, I am looking to purchase a HDTV on a budget just to play my xbox 360 and stream Netflix. I am torn between two TV’s (1) LG’s 32LN530B or Samsung’s UN32EH4003FXZA. Which would be better in your opinion? Thx =)

  • Is the Samsung UN32F5000-32-Inch-1080p a good gaming and TV set? It is for my kids to play Xbox 360, PS3 and the new Xbox1 and PS4, also they just have standard def. Cable tv. Any advice would be great please.

    • the f5300 has blacks almost as good as the panasonic s60. they both have around 30ms of lag, which for 60 fps means they’ll be 2 frames behind their competition.. for the money it’s a sound buy; however, if YOU are going to be using the tv for high def shows or movies then choose the panasonic s60, it has the best picture for a tv under $1000. Screen reflection is an important issue with plasmas as they are generally not as bright as led tv’s, the samsung is better in this instance as well. Lastly, though burn in is very hard to do, I would advise you to run the built in image retention removal software and any 3rd party break-in slides or DVDs you have because in the first 200 hours of use the tv will be much more likely to have that image retention.

  • Hello, I am looking for a new tv 55-65 inch. Preferably 60+ but anything in the 55-65 range is bigger than my current tv. I’m on a Sharp 47 inch that is around 4 years old. It has from what I have gathered around a 30ms response time. So I would love to stay is the same ballpark. Like you have said I do not care about smart features just about quality of the picture and the aesthetics of the tv. I am currently looking at the Samsung 55-65 inch 7100 series. Do you have any other recommendations? That Sony looks great, I will keep it in my mind if I go with a 55 inch.

    Thanks for the help

  • If you were to compare the PICTURE QUALITY between the KDL-55W605A and the UE55F8000. Which would win and why? I love watching HD stuff and gaming..I JUST CANT DECIDE!

  • With the Sony 900A, do you know if you run the gaming system straight into the TV and then run optical audio from the TV to your Home Theater system if the sound will be surround or only 2 channel?

    • You have to set the picture mode to “Game” in order to reduce the input lag on the display. Without it, the display is going to be noticeably laggy.

      That site uses the older stopwatch method for measuring lag, I use a dedicated lag testing device.

      • Hey FouWude,

        Thank you for taking the time to answer my inquiry. I am going to get that TV soon and I’ll tell you about my opinion about it. My main concern is some parts of this TV will be made in Egypt and usually the quality is never the same. I’ve watched so many TVs before deciding getting this one and read a lot of reviews about them. But sometimes I see bugs in the screens that are clearly poor manufacturing standards..

  • quick question: I’m on a budget so I was going to go with the lg 32 inch you suggested above. However, when I went to NewEgg I noticed that that model comes in 1080p as well (LG 39 Class (38.5″ Actual size) 1080p 60Hz LED-LCD HDTV 39LN5300). Is there any reason why this model wasn’t chosen since 1080p would be better than 720p. I’m using this exclusively for a pc monitor (I play mmos and MOBI games) and for movies. Thanks!

  • Would you recomend the Samsung UN46EH5000 for gaming on the Xbox One? You rated the 40″ model with a 24ms input lag. Reviews for this TV look good. The only bad thing I have heard some people say is that it has some motion blur.

    • Yes, I would recommend it. You will almost always have motion blur with any LED HDTV on the market today, when compared to plasmas or CRTs.

  • Would you recommend the Samsung UN46EH5000 for gaming? You rated the 40″ of te same model at 24ms Input Lag. I have heard this TV has a great picture. Some people said it has a lot of motion blur though.

  • hi.thanks for this your article, it really taught me alot. i am planning on getting an xbox one in december i just ordered a samsung UN40EH5000 40-INCH 1080P 60Hz LED HDTV for $377 #blackfriday and was wondering if i made the right choice. you rated it as 24ms which is quite impressive but i dont know if you got that value with a particular setting(i read reviews and people kept on tinkering with the settings) also does it have game mode? thanks

    • Good choice! To get the low lag rating, make sure you enable game mode under the settings menu. Otherwise you risk higher input lag.

  • Great articles. Thanks for your info.

    I’m in a dilemma trying to find a tv mainly for gaming on Xbox One and ESPN. It will be in my recreation room. I have a Samsung 42 inch looking to upgrade to a 55, 60, or 65 inch. I don’t care about 3D but either way it’s fine. I just want a good tv for gaming and watching sports without going overboard on price.

    I have researched and found these 3 but am open to others.

    Vizio E601i-A3 (tons of reviews of bad tvs that get returned)

    Sony 60R550A (seems like a good tv just not sure how it compares)

    Samsung PN60F5500 (went off your review and seems like a good tv)

    Please help as I’m about to go crazy. And please offer any other suggestions! Thanks

  • i just purchases a

    2013 Toshiba 39L1350U
    based on your recommendations, but when i bought it from amazon, there
    was no 120mhz version, just the 60 mhz version. will it perform close
    to the 120mhz tv?

    • Toshiba actually lists this model as a ClearScan 120hz. So it seems to use a 60hz native panel and uses processing to simulate 120hz. I’ll update the article to reflect this.

  • hi, would u help me to decide, i’m about to buy a new tv at the end of this month, it’s either sony kdl 47w802a or samsung 46f6500 ? my concern are for image quality and gaming experience ….

  • sorry bought sony kdl55w900a nowhere on the tv or the box does it say that this is a 240hz tv only says on the back that it is a 60hz tv

  • What should I get for ps4 gaming hdtv or monitor? Im looking around 22-26inches max because I dont like the big ones..

  • Hello, I have a question and would appreciate your input. I bought a samsung 64 f8500 and love the TV, hate it for gaming. Input lag and screen tearing in game mode and PC mode reduces the image quality to much. Anyway, I am looking at selling it or possibly a second tv for just gaming. If I sell, I might buy the Sony kdl-65w850A, which I understand is the KDL-55W900A but larger and only 120HZ. Your review shows both with excellent input lag.

    My question is concerning the 120HZ vs 240 HZ, what is the difference and is one better than the other for gaming and watching sports?
    Thanks for your time!!

    • The W900A does have a better panel that refreshes at 240hz. Between the W850A and W900A, this is the main difference. If you are happy with 55-inches, then I would choose the W900A over the W850A. If you prefer getting a larger HDTV, then you should be happy with the W850A.

  • High I just purchased the sony w802 and was wondering if you could share your picture settings you found best for gaming on this TV. I am playing xbox one and am having a hard time adjusting the picture to my liking.

  • I’m looking for a 39″ to 42″ TV for a secondary computor monitor. The Vizio E-series E420i-A0 does not list an input lag spec. Can you tell me the input lag on this model or recommend another model for me?

  • Hello, express my gratitude for your work, can you please help to choose between Sony W6, Panasonic TX-L and Toshiba 32L4. And one more question – support of 4.4.4 chroma subsampling is realy important?

    • 4:4:4 is important if you use your TV with your PC, but I feel input lag is more important personally. I’ve heard great things about the Sony W6; they’ve been very impressive with their 2013 models across all fronts.

  • I have the w900a. I noticed that when you select game mode under scene select there are two options for the picture mode under picture adjustments: game – original and game – standard. Can you tell me which option was used for testing and if you happen to have results for the other option?

    I find the picture quality much better in game – standard. But I”m wondering how much of a performance loss, if any, is caused by the additional processing? Any results or comments would be greatly appreciated. Additionally, thanks for all the information you have already provided.

    • If I recall correctly, I believe I tested both modes for input lag and they turned out nearly identical. Use whichever one is more pleasing to your eye.

  • not one plasma? i barely bought Pn60f5350 the costco version of the f5300 . i want to know its response time . i have 2 older plasma tvs but i needed a big screen 60 or more and i hate the flaws that lcd still has . so it was that 60″ plasma or oled but i didnt want to shell out 7 grand

  • Hey what tv is comparable to the LN5700? I have the 47” and wanted to know what your input lag test ran. I see youve tested the LN5750 at 44ms…. These are basically the same tv?

    • It should be very similar. I would say that the LN5750 should have similar lag to the LN5700. The -50 models have very slight differences, if any, to the main model series.

  • hi, do you know, what input lag the LG 60LN5758 has? It’s such a huge TV
    and under 1000€, but gaming with ps4 is more important than the big
    screen. Does a sony TV fit better to the PS4 than an other? thanx and
    congrats for this very good site!

    • Sorry, I wouldn’t know the exact lag of that model. Sony’s 2013 models have been excellent with input lag, and you really can’t go wrong with any of them!

  • Hi, Im in the market for a new tv that will be best suited for my xbox one….im leaning towards LED over plasma and have done a ton of research on this subject….Basically Ive narrowed it down to 2 brands LG & samsung…Could you help me out… Here are my criteria:

    Screen size 50-60″
    No 3d…. me and my gf both dont like 3d and consider it a waste of money
    no Smart tv…xbox one will do all we need
    minimum 3 hdmi inputs
    price range 12-1500
    60 hz …as 120 is the same as 60 hz basically
    input lag would need to fall under great rating…. im not a perfectionist so excellent not needed lol

    Thanks for any advice you have 🙂

  • Good site, thanks man for it. I have one question, i wont to buy
    Samsung UE46F6500 is it good for gaming? And what is ms for this Tv. Thanks.

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