About The Site

Welcome to the world’s largest input lag database


This website has been something I’ve been planning for a very long time, and until now would have been difficult to execute correctly. Now that the hardware is available and all the pieces are set into place, I wish to inform the masses about this website and how to use it.

As you guessed, DisplayLag features a database with multitudes of HDTVs and monitors, along with news, reviews, and information about the latest displays and video games. I wanted to create a centralized database, a place where anyone can come and look up a display. Before this website, measurements were scattered all over the internet, using a variety of testing methods (most commonly involving a computer, clone mode displays and a program such as SMTT), and it was difficult to create a standard in which we could accurately compare displays due to a large amount of factors. Not anymore.


How to use this website:

Feel free to browse the articles on the front page, or head over to the input lag database to see all of the displays graded by DisplayLag. The database lists manufacturer specifications such as resolution, size, refresh rate and more, as well as DisplayLag’s input lag measurement. Most displays can be purchased or reviewed from Amazon.com by clicking on the appropriate link on the display page. We do receive commissions on purchases using our Amazon.com links, and it is necessary for the site to stay active. Appreciate your support!


About Me:

Black and WhiteMy name is Adeel Soomro, but a lot of people know me by “Four Wude”. I started playing competitive fighting games when Street Fighter 4 launched into American arcades in 2008. I’ve always loved fighting games, and being a competitor opened my eyes to a new world of networking and the drive it takes to succeed. Since then, I’ve competed in various tournaments around the United States, and played on lots of different displays. Until recently, there was no set standard for the type of display used in competitions, and there was no widely accepted standard to grade how well displays respond to gaming. Now that a new, easy to use tool has entered the market, I created this database to assist people in purchasing the right display for their gaming needs. We are one step closer towards creating a new standard.