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LG, Samsung, Sony Input Lag Results (4K & More)

Just in time for the holidays and Black Friday, I managed to test several new LG, Samsung, and Sony displays for input lag. This update in particular will feature several 4K HDTVs that weren’t previously featured in our input lag database. An important note: some of Samsung’s 4K HDTVs reported very high input lag timings in my tests earlier this year. Some of these models received a firmware update that reduced input lag ratings by nearly half. One series that benefited from this update is Samsung’s 4K HU9000 series, once upgraded to the latest firmware. This firmware update drops the input lag down to 39ms.

Clicking the links below will send you to their respective product pages on Amazon. Alternatively, you can also visit our input lag database to compare these to other tested displays.


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32″ LG 32LB560B 720p 60hz LED HDTV30ms *Great*

42″ LG 42LB5600 1080p 60hz LED HDTV27ms *Great*

55″ LG 55UB8200 4K 120hz LED HDTV57ms Okay

55″ LG 55UB8500 4K 120hz 3D LED HDTV64ms Bad

55″ LG 55EC9300 1080p 240hz 3D OLED HDTV36ms (PC) *Great*

65″ LG 65UB9200 4K 120hz LED HDTV47ms Okay

65″ LG 65UB9500 4K 120hz 3D LED HDTV73ms Bad

79″ LG 79UB9800 4K 120hz 3D LED HDTV73ms Bad



55″ Samsung UN55HU7250 4K 120hz LED HDTV40ms *Great*

55″ Samsung UN55HU6950 4K 60hz LED HDTV48ms Okay

55″ Samsung UN55HU9000 4K 120hz 3D LED HDTV39ms *Great*

60″ Samsung UN60H7150 1080p 240hz 3D LED HDTV42ms Okay

65″ Samsung UN65HU7250 4K 120hz LED HDTV40ms *Great*

65″ Samsung UN65HU8550 4K 120hz 3D LED HDTV40ms *Great*

75″ Samsung UN75H6350 1080p 120hz LED HDTV41ms *Great*

75″ Samsung UN75H7150 1080p 240hz 3D LED HDTV39ms (PC) *Great*

78″ Samsung UN78HU9000 4K 120hz 3D LED HDTV38ms *Great*



55″ Sony XBR-55X850B 4K 120hz 3D LED HDTV39ms *Great*

60″ Sony KDL-60W630B 1080p 120hz LED HDTV23ms *Great*

65″ Sony XBR-65X850B 4K 120hz 3D LED HDTV39ms *Great*

65″ Sony XBR-65X900B 4K 120hz 3D LED HDTV40ms *Great*
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Adeel Soomro

Adeel Soomro

Adeel Soomro, also known as "Four Wude", has been a competitive Street Fighter 4 player since 2008. Using his extensive gaming experience on a casual and professional level, he aims to spread the awareness of input lag existing in today's displays. Having tested over 300 displays for input lag, he hopes that DisplayLag will aid gamers around the world when purchasing the best HDTV or monitor for gaming.


  • Hey =)
    I am looking to upgrade my TV. I read through the list of TV’s you tested. I see the same model # just not that particular screen size. What I mean is the Samsung UN40H5500 showed a score of 28ms (PC) – what does that mean PC? I am looking to get the same model # in a 48′ display the UN48H5500 would that have the same imput lag as the 40′? thx

    • PC means that a lower input lag was achieved when the HDTV was set into PC mode. Some HDTVs, such as LG’s WebOS HDTVs, can lower input lag even more by enabling PC mode, and then setting the picture to “Game”. For Samsung HDTVs, you activate PC mode by connecting your device to the HDMI port labeled “DVI”. Once connected to this port, you can change the name of the port to “PC” by pressing Source > Tools on the HDMI/DVI input. This will disable several picture processing options, but can decrease input lag further. Most models in the same model range have very similar input lag values across sizes, so I’d say the 48″ will have nearly identical input lag to the 40″.

      • ive been trying to ask you. I sent an email and on facebook but here goes. I bought the asus mx279h because of your database can you please give the the entire results? im impressed with it and was wondering. im going to recommend it to a friend. also i have sent numerous people to your site. looking forward to your reply

      • Hi I read your article on the best gaming tvs. I bought the 55″ lg tv that you recommended. I want to know how to rename the HDMI to PC. Can you give me a step by step guide for it? Thanks!

    • The (PC) designation means that the score was achieved in PC mode. You can enable PC mode on Samsung HDTVs by connecting your device to the HDMI/DVI input, then changing the name of the input to “PC”. This will enable a special PC mode that gives lower input lag over game mode. The input lag should be nearly identical across all sizes in the same model range. Most Samsung HDTVs I’ve tested tend to have similar input lag across all sizes.

  • Is Sony KDL-47W808A basically the same model as 2013 47″? Everything I found out, tells it has same amount of lag 15-18ms.

    • I can’t say for sure, as I have no experience with it specifically. If it’s a 2013 model as well, I’m sure it will carry a very similar input lag rating.

  • I have the Samsung un78hu9000 and the input lag is a deal breaker for the most part. I’ve gotten used to it on PC mode, but I use it 50/50 for movies/gaming. I have my TV updated to the latest firmware (it says version 1200) but I still cannot switch it out of PC mode without it being noticeably awful. Any suggestions? I have been considering getting rid of this TV and purchasing the Sony xbr79x900b instead so that I don’t have to deal with the terrible look of PC mode or high input lag.

    • That’s strange. When I tested the HU9000, these are the numbers I received:

      Firmware 1003: 74ms (game mode)
      Firmware 1191: 39ms (game mode)

      The firmware update essentially tried to match game mode to PC mode input lag numbers. Have you tried using the updated game mode? It should utilize input lag that is very similar to PC mode with the latest firmware updates. 39ms isn’t amazing by any means, and latency will still be present. Unfortunately, 4K hasn’t matured enough to offer low latency with 1080p sources just yet.

  • Hi I am planning to buy a Sony KD-49X8500B 123.1 cm (49) LED TV (Ultra HD (4K), 3D, Smart) mainly for Gaming & movies. Have no budget issues not worried about the price. But just wanted to know if this would be the best for my PS4 & blu-ray movies. (I understand ps4 does not support 4k as of now). Just want to be sure that the upscaling won’t reduce game quality or increase input lag. Your help would highly appreciated. Thanks!

  • What missing in this table is the date model first time appeared in the market or review because cryptic model numbers give you just a guess.
    Another suggestion is to test and list in future budget 4K brands like Vizio, Hisense etc which with 60 Hz promiss to be great as PC and gaming monitors.

  • Do you know how the Sony XBR-55X900B 4K 120hz 3D LED HDTV performs, with regards to input lag? I’m trying to choose between it and a 55X850B as a 50″-60″ gaming display that provides some “future-proofing” for movie and live sports purposes. Thanks.

  • The vizio P series has 16.2…. Blows all these away.
    What do you’s think about it? It’s cheap as well….just not 100% sold yet coz it’s not sony :p

  • VIZIO D40u-D1 D-Series 40″ Class Ultra HD Full-Array LED Smart TV (Black).
    4K @ 60hz HDMI 2.0 16GB/s, make sure to use HDMI 2.0 if you’re gaming with it GTX 970 +.
    This tv is the best 13.5 Input lag in gaming mode for around £400. without gaming mode its 80 input lag. i’ve checked all input lags of all 4k TV’s and 13.5 is the best for a reasonable price. Hope this helps anybody out.

  • BEWARE !! Be very careful with firmware upgrades especially with Samsung (as you cannot downgrade)

    I have UE55f6650 and when I downloaded the latest firmware (Version 2126.0) it added 21 seconds of input lag in both game mode & PC renamed sources. Growing from 33 seconds to 54 seconds !
    Unbelievable ! wont buy samsung ever again !

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