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Sony A9F, Z9F, and other XBR TVs Tested for Input Lag

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We have updated our input lag database with several models from Sony’s 2018 lineup! With so many good gaming TVs to choose from this year, it’s interesting to see that Sony’s lineup is still lagging a bit behind the competition when it comes to input lag performance. While the A9F and Z9F feature very similar input lag numbers with both 1080p and 4K sources, the rest of the TVs on this list have better performance with a 4K signal instead of a 1080p signal.

The A8F and the X900F are the biggest culprits with varying input lag performance, offering about 1 frame less of input lag when fed a 4K source. As a result, you will want to set your Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC to output 4K resolution to these TVs (doesn’t matter on the A9F and Z9F), even if your game isn’t natively rendered in 4K. When sent a 4K signal, all of the TVs in the database below fall under our Great rating, which is satisfactory for most gamers. 

Here’s hoping that Sony can lower input lag further with their 2019 models. They provide some stellar picture quality utilizing their X1 processor, so it would be great to see Sony reach our Excellent rating like they did back in 2013. As always, you can compare these displays to others in our input lag database, and also check out our recommendations for the best gaming TVs of 2018!

YearSizeBrandModelResolutionRefresh RateBacklightDisplay TypeVRRInput LagPriceRating
201855"SonyXBR55A9F4K UHD120hzOLEDHDTVNone28msCheck AmazonGreat
201865"SonyXBR65Z9F4K UHD120hzLEDHDTVNone21msCheck AmazonGreat
201855"SonyXBR55A8F4K UHD120hzLEDHDTVNone31msCheck AmazonGreat
201855"SonyXBR55X900F4K UHD120hzLEDHDTVNone24msCheck AmazonGreat
201865"SonyXBR65X850F4K UHD120hzLEDHDTVNone30msCheck AmazonGreat
201860"SonyXBR60X830F4K UHD120hzLEDHDTVNone32msCheck AmazonGreat
201855"SonyKD55X750F4K UHD60hzLEDHDTVNone36msCheck AmazonGreat

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