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Monitor Blowout! Input Lag Database at 183 displays: ASUS Edition


I’ve received a lot of requests to expand the input lag database with more monitors. I’m happy to announce that there will be a large update to the input lag database starting today. This is only the first set of many more monitors to come, starting with ASUS! I will be updating the input lag database with more monitors again tomorrow!

The following monitors were added to the input lag database:

20″ ASUS VE208T LED Monitor
22″ ASUS VS229H IPS LED Monitor
22″ ASUS VE228H LED Monitor
23″ ASUS VS238H LED Monitor
23″ ASUS VS239H IPS LED Monitor
23″ ASUS VX238H LED Monitor
24″ ASUS VS247H LED Monitor
24″ ASUS PA246Q IPS LCD Monitor
25″ ASUS VE258Q LED Monitor
27″ ASUS MX279H IPS LED Monitor
27″ ASUS VE278H LED Monitor
27″ ASUS VS278Q LED Monitor
27″ ASUS PB278Q PLS LED Monitor

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All of these displays and a lot more can be found in the input lag database.


About the author

Adeel Soomro

Adeel Soomro

Adeel Soomro, also known as "Four Wude", has been a competitive Street Fighter 4 player since 2008. Using his extensive gaming experience on a casual and professional level, he aims to spread the awareness of input lag existing in today's displays. Having tested over 300 displays for input lag, he hopes that DisplayLag will aid gamers around the world when purchasing the best HDTV or monitor for gaming.


    • The tests are accurate, it just depends on your personal needs. If you’re a high level or very competitive gamer, stick to the displays I have rated ‘Excellent’ in my database. For most gamers, displayed rated ‘Great’ will be good enough.

      • hello i have this display VS278Q is it good for gaming on xbox one? and i have a question what settings should i use for it 🙁

    • Yes it is. I tested the VS278Q to have 10ms of input lag, which is under the fastest category in my database (Excellent).

      • Hey FourWude, what is the input lag on the VS278Q down to the decimal point?
        I’m trying to get a bigger monitor with equal performance as my Benq RL2455HM.

        • The specific numbers are:

          Top: 3ms
          Middle: 10ms
          Bottom: 17ms

          Averaging out all of the numbers results in an average input lag of 10ms.

          • Hey Adeel, Great work! Quick question though, as I’m about to get my first monitor ever. Which one of these would you recommed for ps4 gaming: BenQ RL2755hm vs. Asus VS278Q-P vs. Asus MX279H? Help is greatly appriciated! 🙂

  • Hello, the input lag for the Asus Vx238h is the same in standard mode, theater, game mode and scenery mode? what is the better mode? sharpness have impact on input lag?
    Sorry for my english. thx you for your job it’s very helpfull.

    • Yes, it should be the same in every picture mode. Sharpness doesn’t have any affect on input lag, based on my testing so far. Glad its been helpful!

        • I think that’s inaccurate.
          The gaming mode uses the less draw thingy, i forget the name.
          But it’s when your monitor has to enchant the image to make the scene look better.
          Gaming mode puts it so there is no color brightness contrast boosting going on and gives you the image as fast as possible.
          The other modes analyze the image and adjust colors contrasts and brightness to make the image the best looking.

          Image processing.
          Some monitors don’t do that and some do.
          Try to see if your monitor adds processing to the image on different modes and avoid them if your looking strictly for the fastest draw rate…

          • On most HDTVs, game mode does make a big difference. However, on most BenQ and ASUS monitors, changing the picture mode doesn’t really do anything. Testing the monitors in several picture modes using my testing device yielded identical results across the board. This isn’t the case with every monitor, though most TN-based monitors tend to keep the input lag the same across all picture modes.

          • Hey BTW since your responding here,
            How come you don’t have the Asus vg248qe on ?
            And why do most all monitors show 10MS? is that their input lag like mouse to screen.

            And is the Asus vg248qe like 2.something inputlag.

            AND, last and.
            Can you put the new Benq XL2411Z.
            It says…
            “Ultra-Smooth Gaming Experience
            Take advantage of ultra low 0.001-frame
            input lag to embrace the smoothest gaming experience! To give gamers
            precious milliseconds during the game, all action will be rendered
            smoothly without ghosting, and mouse motion will be synchronized with no

            Is that number true???

            TY good sir…

  • Four Wude, Thanks for all this valuable info . I have been researching the last few days for a monitor to try on the Xbox 1 console. In my research I found a monitor on someone elses site that say it has a .7ms input lag and 2 ms response GTG. That Model number is ASUS VG248QE. I have searched your data base and found nothing on this model. Do you have any info. on this monitor?

    • I don’t have info on this monitor, however I’ve heard a lot about it. It should be just fine for gaming, and would probably score around 10ms in my input lag database.

    • Haven’t tested this specific monitor yet, however I’ve heard that it has low latency. If I had to take a guess, the VG248QE will have around 10ms of input lag.

          • I have the AsusVG248qe as well. It doest feel like other monitors Ive tried(slower) on console gaming. Am I just tripping or is this not a good monitor for console(only pc?) I cant seem to find anyone else with the problem. Im comparing it to the new Acer 35 inch, curved monitor.

  • Would you expect the VX248H to have any different stats than the VX238H? Can’t seem to find any good numbers on the 24, any ideas why? Thank you for any help.

    • I haven’t tested it specifically, however I don’t think you will notice a difference when it comes to input lag, if the monitors have the same specifications aside from their size.

  • I just bought the MX279H based on your database. I tend to notice input lag much more than most people seem to (or at least, everyone I talk to never notices it even when I do). It is wonderful, exactly what I needed, thank you so much for testing it.

    • Different method of testing. Most clone methods have a degree of error associated with them. My measurements were conducted using the Leo Bodnar Lag Tester, which is very accurate for LCD-based displays.

  • I am going to be getting the ASUS MX279H next week, has great M/S input but I have seen reviews saying that there is ghosting on Fifa 15, I’m not going to be playing that game myself but was just wondering before i bought it, is it just on this game or on others because that is the main reason i am getting a new monitor.

    • There is going to be a bit more ghosting on the MX279H when compared to regular TN monitors. While the colors are much greater, the response time of the MX279H is slightly slower. Input lag is still low (unrelated to response time).

      • Please answer me because I am gonna buy a monitor soon ! PLS you are my HOPE man !
        So I am a normal 14 aged teen which loves gaming !
        I am on budget 200$ ! So how is the input lag of VE278H LOW or HIGH ? MEDIUM?
        PLS ANSWER !!!

  • hi guys i just bought the asus vp278h i was wondering if i made the right choice for gaming on bo3 and what settings would be used for optimal game play ! and did i make the right choice or should i return it and get ben q instead!!

  • What about Asus VE248HR ?? I have that one it says 1ms. Is that good for ps4 gaming.
    Please can you also help, it also has a HDMI port in it, and when I connect that to the ps4 it says that HDMI no signal.

    Any solution please.


  • Hey guys
    What about the input lag of asus mg28uq?
    I read difference results about it..20 ms and 10 i don‘t know what is the right result..can anyone help me?

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