The Best HDTVs for Gaming in 2014: An Introduction


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After my trip to CES 2014, I was anxiously waiting to get my hands on the newer HDTVs that were debuting this year. While they offer cool new features such as curved screens, 4K resolution, and a distinct lack of 3D, if you’re on this website, you’re concerned about input lag. Luckily, I managed to get my hands on over 30 new displays last month, and the good news is there are some winners to choose from. With E3 being right around the corner, the next generation of gaming is about to push forward with full force. Keep reading to see some of my top picks for gaming HDTVs in 2014, and look forward to more recommendations in the near future!


  • Top Pick: 60″ Sony KDL-60W850B

Sony KDL-60W850B

Sony continues to show their dominance this year, with low input lag numbers that put most manufacturers to shame. With the excellent W802A and W900A series from 2013, many gamers purchased these displays and were amazed at their low input lag in game mode, along with their excellent picture quality. With the PlayStation 4 being a Sony console, it is no surprise to see Sony continuing to cater to the gaming market with its 2014 W850B series. This series comes in both 60 and 70″ varieties, with a native 120hz refresh rate, 1080p resolution, 3D support, four HDMI inputs, and a full host of smart TV functionality. The menu system has seen a complete overhaul this year as well. Testing with the Scene mode set to “Game” yields an average input lag of 23ms. This is very low when compared to the majority of HDTVs on the market, and will pose no issues with serious gaming. Just shy of our excellent category reserved for 20ms and under, it is unlikely you will notice any additional delay by choosing this set. For those curious, the KDL-60W850B still features Sony’s Impulse mode, designed to drastically lower motion blur by introducing CRT-like flickering. While this dims your picture, the benefits from low motion blur have to be seen to believed. It retains a low input lag of 31ms under this mode. Check the latest price on Amazon.


  • Runner Up: 55″ LG 55LB6300

LG 55LB6300
Sony aren’t the only ones with a formidable gaming HDTV this year. LG launched a new line of HDTVs with a redesigned operating system, known as WebOS. This completely changes the menu system from previous LG offerings, with a cleaner interface. LG is known as one of the premier makers of IPS panels in their monitors and HDTVs, which are known for their color accuracy when compared to some other display types. This is why LG is still the only brand with pre-calibrated ISF picture modes for those that value D65 accuracy. The strange thing about the LB6300 series is that the low input lag of 24ms has to be achieved by renaming your HDMI input to “PC”, as well as setting the picture mode to “Game”. This brings the input lag as low as possible using this set. Simply setting the picture to “Game” isn’t enough on LG’s new 2014 HDTVs (though it will still cut down lag from the default picture modes). The LB6300 comes in several sizes, specifically 42″, 47″, 55″, 60″, and 65″, so there is a size for everybody. The IPS panel features a native 120hz refresh rate, as well as 1080p resolution. Three HDMI ports are present to connect the most current devices, along with legacy component and composite inputs. Check the latest price on Amazon.


  • Tech Lovers: 65″ Samsung UN65H8000

Samsung UN65H8000
I wasn’t too thrilled with Samsung’s offerings this year in regards to input lag, as most of them scored over 40ms. Definitely playable, but not quite as good as last year. There was one exception however, being the latest H8000 series. These displays are fully loaded with 1080p resolution, 240hz refresh rates, and local dimming. Specifically, micro-dimming is present to really boost the contrast between light and dark colors on screen. The curved screen may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but the picture quality and great average input lag of 37ms warrant a spot in this article. There are 4 HDMI ports present, as well as legacy component and composite connections. Check the latest price on Amazon.


  • Best Budget: 32″ Toshiba 32L1400U

Toshiba 32L1400U
Toshiba made our list of best gaming HDTVs last year, so it’s no surprise to see them again this year. The 32L1400U is a budget-conscious display for those that are on limited funds. It features a modest 720p resolution inside a 32″ display, two HDMI inputs, 60hz refresh rate, and… not much else. That’s totally okay though, because it makes up for its basic features with its average input lag of 34ms under game mode, keeping it nice and responsive for those that hate input lag. Check the latest price on Amazon.

Want to get the same low input lag in a 1080p display instead? You can opt to go for the same model in a larger screen size, which will grant the 1080p resolution. Choosing the 50″ 50L1400U gives you an average input lag of 33ms. Check the latest price on Amazon.


This sums up our first look at some of the best HDTVs for gaming in 2014. Stay tuned for more updates in the near future, and don’t forget to check out our input lag database, with over 300 displays tested for input lag!

About the author

Adeel Soomro

Adeel Soomro

Adeel Soomro, also known as "Four Wude", has been a competitive Street Fighter 4 player since 2008. Using his extensive gaming experience on a casual and professional level, he aims to spread the awareness of input lag existing in today's displays. Having tested over 300 displays for input lag, he hopes that DisplayLag will aid gamers around the world when purchasing the best HDTV or monitor for gaming.


  • I’m currently interested in the 60″ Sony KDL-60W855BBAE. I’m curious if you know anything about this model, I mean it looks the same as the Sony KDL-60W850B but I don’t really know the difference between the models. Do you have any idea?

    • As it’s from a different region, I wouldn’t be able to say for sure. Though, I would be fairly confident that their input lag should be relatively consistent for the region-specific model in your area. I’d recommend comparing specs and if they seem identical, then it’s a good bet.

      • Yeah, the specs seems to be the same as the KDL-60W850B. I guess it’s just a different region-specific model then. Thanks anyway, keep the good work up!

  • I am really torn between a few tvs. I really need help picking. I will be putting this tv in a dark room in the basement. It will be used for gaming (COD Multi-player, kid games, etc) and it will be used for watching movies from netflix or with bluray. I have been looking at Sony 55-W900A (selling out quickly and prices keep rising, also 240hz). Sony 60-W850B (only 120 hz), and Samsung UN55F7100 (240hz). Which one is the better tv for movies and gaming? Will I notice a difference between 240 hz and 120hz? Please help me decide which tv is the best for me and my family.

    • I personally think the best overall pick between those three is the KDL-55W900A. Of course, that is slightly problematic due to it being last year’s model. If you want one HDTV for everything, that is the best choice. The UN55F7100 has some great picture quality, however the KDL-60W850B has lower lag.

      Have you tried looking at Amazon’s sellers? You may be able to get a W900A from there:

  • Thank you ever so much FourWude, your website is an absolute boon to humanity.

    Sadly i’m still completely on the fence aswell between the Sony W900 and the W850, the former seems the better choice but it’s also an old model and just a few hundred cheaper. I currently have a 100hz screen and very much noticing the motion blur so 240hz sounds more attractive then anything else…

    Tough choice 🙁

    • One thing to keep in mind with Sony’s latest displays is the inclusion of “Impulse” mode. This mode brings CRT-like reduction of motion blur. It is very unlikely you will be disappointed with it, though it will introduce a flicker similar to CRTs. It will also drastically reduce brightness, so you want to use it in dark/dim rooms. Testing in this mode returns values around 30-33ms, so just a little more than using the game mode. The W900A has it, along with the W850.

      Glad you love the site!

    • Most displays in the same model range have similar or identical lag values, based on my testing. You shouldn’t feel any difference going for the 55″ instead of the 65″. Regardless, I will add the 55″ into my database if I can get my hands on it!

  • Before anything, thanks a lot for this.
    Somebody knows something about the LG 50′ LB5600? At least the LB5800 scored about 47-49 ms, and that’s not very good. I’m a little worried now. :S

    • I haven’t come across this display, but I will keep an eye out for it. Most LG HDTVs aren’t stellar with input lag, unless you’re browsing some of their new WebOS ones.

  • Greetings FourWude,
    let me begin by thanking you for this amazing comprehensive database, just a few years back you’d be left in the dark when purchasing a tv with less input lag.

    I recently bought an LG 42LB5500 and was wondering a ballpark for what to expect regarding input lag.

    Thanks in advance
    P.S Thank you for your hardwork and effort contributing to the gaming community, this website is amazing!

    • Thanks Ace, the whole reason I started this website was due to my own frustration with lack of information! I’m glad this website has been helpful to you.

      I haven’t tested the LB5500, though I’ve noticed that non-WebOS LG HDTVs tend to have anywhere from 38-60ms of lag under game mode. Their recent WebOS displays can achieve rather low input lag ratings once set to PC mode, with the game picture setting. If I come across that model, I’ll be sure to add it to the database.

      • Thanks for the reply FourWude, due to the lack of info on the lg 42lb5500 I have replaced it with the Sony kdl48w600b and wow its such a great mid range display I love it 😀 I wouldn’t have been as interested if the lag results weren’t so easily attainable. So thanks again for the database that assisted me in making a informed purchase!

  • I have an older model Insignia tv not listed in your database. When I tried to hook up my new Retron 5 to it, the input lag made Mario games absolutely unplayable, even on the Gaming mode. I don’t know what input lag it had. I am looking at getting a tv that has 59 millisecond lag on it because I am getting it for a great bargain. Will 59 millisecond lag be playable, or will it drive me nuts? I have never really noticed input lag until this recent Retron 5 purchase.

    • What I did with my old insignia was change the settings to game mode with out altering any settings what so ever, due to the TV changing to “custom” and thus making games unbearable to play. another thing I did while in game mode was take off overscan options in advanced settings. doing so might help reduce a bit of lag. Hope this helps.

    • It will probably drive you nuts. 59ms is when things start getting noticeable, and if you used to play Mario on a CRT before this, you will more than likely notice the increase in input lag. Also, doing a quick Google search yielded some complaints about the Retron 5 having some input lag on its own, though don’t quote me on that entirely.

  • Woa woa, where’s the Vizio FALD/full array local dimming 55″ E? That set can deliver 27ms in custom mode with Active LED lights/Local dimming set to off. It’s a budget TV, that got 4/5 stars on CNET, and will most definitely stomp that toshiba you guys listed.

      • it would be great if you guys tested the 50″/panel of the E series. Input lag results so far based on CNET show the 55″ panel having 27ms with Active LED lights set to OFF(or just using game mode, but that just locks out PQ controls…), where as the 42″ scored a terrible 43ms. the 55″ is a last resort, but i’d rather aim for the 50″ considering my living room space.

        • I’m trying my best to get Vizio displays tested, unfortunately the delay is completely out of my hands at this moment in time. I’m still trying to get Vizio’s new units for review purposes. I’ll keep this information in mind once I receive them for testing.

  • Hi FourWude,

    I’m trying to buy a nice LED/LCD/Plasma but in my country (Chile) there are so little options, and none of them are listed here on your database :/

    So I was hoping if you could tell me where do you get the information to do some research by myself.

    TY in advance

    • I tested all of these displays by hand. Unfortunately, there is no way for me to test displays outside of the USA. You should be able to find comparable models to what I have in the database, and it should have similar input lag to what I have tested so far. Sorry about that!

      • I have bought samsung led f4100 and connected my ps4 to it which is not connecting via hdmi showing(device is not connected) as well as i cant turn on game mode which is not highlighted ..what should i do .. Update my tv files through usb

  • A new report from AVS forums says the Samsung H8000’s latest firmware update (1141) has increased input lag from 36 to 47 in PC and Game mode. Any chance you can verify this? That puts this set into the non-starter category for most serious gamers. I was just about to buy one too.

    • That’s really unfortunate to hear. I’ll see if I can track the display down again with the latest firmware, but it’s a long shot. I’ll be sure to post updates if there was a change.

  • Just wanted to add my vote, looking forward to the Vizio 2014 E series numbers when you get your hands on them. Thank you for all the hard work!

  • Wow, the Toshiba L1400U is quite the downgrade connectivity-wise with the input ports compared to last year’s L1350U. Interestingly enough, it looks like the L1350U’s predecessor the L1300U used the exact same port configuration that the L1400U is using…

    Maybe there will be an L1450U next year with all the extra ports again?

  • Hi all, could you help me in my choice… i’m gonna buy one of this 3 models :

    Samsung UE48H5000
    Samsung UE48H5500
    Samsung UE46F5300

    Which one will be better for gaming ?

    And one more question, i saw that the samsung include lead on them component, is it dangerous?

    • Almost all of those displays should have similar levels of input lag. I don’t have the means to test for European displays, but based on the North American models, they seem to have similar input lag ranges. Choose the model that you find most attractive.

  • Awesome site! I just bought the 50LB6300 but have a question, do they make a cheaper version without webOS that still has low input lag? I really like the TV but have no need for the apps as I have a ps4. Thanks!

    • From my testing, the WebOS versions are the ones that offer the lower input lag. It could be something in their software that causes the lower lag, because enabling game + PC mode is what triggers it.

  • Hey FourWude,

    Thank you for this amazing site.

    I’m thinking of buying the Samsung UE48H6500, is the input lag the same as the H6400?


  • Hi Fourwude

    Thanks for making this and gathering all the info about input lag and any other info por gamers Thanks bro ! im right now searching for a gaming TV my budget is short and i between the LG 50LB6300 and the VIZIO M492i-B2 both are 1080p, 120Hz and you said LG’s input lag is 24 and here said VIZIO is 41 ( ) LG is way better ! but i have 2 questions

    1.- It’s worth the difference between input lag ?
    2.- and more important which one has better picture quality, deeper blacks ?

    Thanks bro and if you have a better Tv under 700$ i’ll appreciate the suggestion !

    • I think the difference between the two might be discernible, but it depends on your prior experience with input lag. I think the gap between 24ms and 41ms might be noticeable to those that are very critical about each frame of input lag.

      I think the black levels will be superior on the VIZIO, mainly because the LB6300 lacks local dimming, which is mandatory to achieve good black levels on an LCD-based display. I’d also recommend checking out my updated TV guide posted recently:

  • Hey, Four Wude, thanks for putting together this site! I have referenced it many times in my search for a TV for my new PS4. I’m looking for an LED around 42″ and am trying to keep under $500; I was looking a lot at Vizio E & M series, as you say they have low input lag (huge factor for me). I noticed on that there is an AMAZING deal (Samsung 40″ 3D 1080p 120Hz – model UN40FH6030FXZA) for only $330 at best buy! This model isn’t in your database, but I noticed that the Samsung 3D models tend to have mediocre lag.. what do you think about this model in particular?
    (I’m looking for like under 40ms for sure.)


    • I went with a Vizio E420i-B0 because I got it at a good price ($358 after fooling Walmart). That deal above turned out to be BS, when I tried to checkout it said that the deal was in store only and the nearest store with that TV was out of state.. just a scheme to get people on their site. Anyway, afterwards I saw that CNET has input lag reviews for the 2014 E series (the ones that end in B’s, not A’s). Apparently this 42″ tested in at 43.43ms while the 55″ tested 27.47ms… quite a difference. Look out when buying the Vizios. That being said, I haven’t had a problem and am consistently at the top of the ranks in Destiny 🙂

    • Yes, unfortunately several of Samsung’s recent HDTVs have been in the 40+ range as far as input lag is concerned. However, several of their models have received firmware updates to bring the input lag down, most notable in their 4K sets. If you’re looking for 42″ under $500, I highly recommend checking out a LG HDTV I tested recently. It fits your budget, and tested to be approximately 27ms of input lag under game mode:

    • I haven’t tested the 40″ unfortunately, however the 46″ and 55″ versions tested to be above 40ms of input lag. There is a chance a firmware update may have reduced input lag, as Samsung has been reducing input lag in some of their recent HDTVs through firmware updates.

    • I tested the 42LB5600 recently, and it measured to be 27ms of input lag. I’m sure the 39″ version carries the same result.

  • Hey Four wude , thanks for doing this. I want to get a mid-range TV, about 40 inch for the PS4 and of course, a lot of movies. I live in Europe. So it’s basically between Sammy Sony and Philips here. What can you recommend? A lot of models are basically the same between US and EU. I was thinking at 40F6400 from Samsung or a W706 from Sony ( same price as the philips uhd one). Also, I found 2 models, quite cheap at UHD res. The Philips 40PUS6809 and Samsung 40HU6900. What to get? What to get?

  • Hi Fourwude

    I recently bought a new TV which is a Panasonic TX-L47ET60Y. It is a really good tv and I am very happy with it. However when playing certain games on PS3 (e.g. Fifa) I experience some lag and it is difficult to play.

    I only became aware of something called input lag after I bought my TV. When I switch it over to game mode it helps though it is still there and not working as smooth as on my old and more standard TV.

    My question is whether you are able to test or have done before the input lag on my new Panasonic TX-L47ET60Y so I can know where it is placed compared to other TVs? So I can know whether it will help with another TV or not since I do want a good TV for both picture quality and gaming.


  • Nothing between 30″ and 55″ here though. The sweet spot (apparently, according to Consumer Buzz) almost 90% of HDTV’s bought for gaming are either 40″ or 42″, strange you decide not to feature any of those

  • hello, im looking for a sharp LC-50LB261U it is 50” and 120hz but i cant find anywhere the input lag of this tv can you guys help me ?

  • This is a great website. I actually just purchased the LG 42LB6300 based on the review above. I love the picture, but I’m not sure what settings to use. And my fonts look blurred and jagged. What settings would I use to adjust the fonts, either on the TV, or in Windows 7?

    • You may have to enable PC mode to fix this. Connect your PC to the HDMI port labeled DVI, and then rename the input to “PC”. Let me know if that resolves the issue with fonts.

      • Hi Wude. Thanks for the suggestion. I already set HDMI 1 to PC mode and set the picture mode to “game” based on the review. I didn’t see a DVI tag on any of the HDMI inputs. There was “ARC” for HDMI 1, “IN” for HDMI 2 and “MHL” for HDMI 3. I think I’m actually going to replace it if I can’t get this fixed.

  • Hey man. I think it’s great what your doing. This is awesome. I’m looking for a tv with the works. 120htz 1080p low input lag. About 47”. Not a Smart Tv. No point. Only thing is, I’m only trying to spend about $500. I don’t mind it being an older model.Your help would be gravely appreciated. Thanks!

  • Any idea what the input lag on a Sharp 42″ LC-42LB261U is? I just got it and can definitely notice a lag so I want to replace it, but I need to know the number of this TV so I can have a base number to go under. I’m on a budget and was looking at the LG you recently reviewed, however claims it has a horrible motion blur not ideal for gaming. I’ve (sort of) tested the sharp for input lag using a stop watch on my laptop connected to the tv, and taken a picture of both at the same time. I consistently get a 44ms, and 88ms difference (when the ms numbers aren’t too blurry to make out — bad shutter rate). I was just wondering if you had a more approximate estimation based on your expertise since its not in your database.

    • Unfortunately, I haven’t tested this specific Sharp model yet. Almost every Sharp model I’ve tested tends to have rather poor input lag, even in game mode. Most of the ones I’ve tested hover around the 50-70ms range.

  • Hi Fourwude,

    Im close to purchasing the Sony KDL-60W850B but was curious to know the input lag of the Sony Sony KDL-60W630B before purchasing, seeing as how 3D support is not appealing to me.

    Thanks in advance

    • The KDL-60W630B has an average input lag of 23ms. Definitely one of the faster HDTVs I’ve tested. You should notice no real issues when utilizing the “game” scene on this HDTV.

  • Any idea what the input lag is with an LG 55LB6300 with the input set to HDMI and in Game mode??? I prefer the picture when input set to HDMI.

    I realize one must set input to PC and set picture to Game mode for 24 ms lag. Wanting to know how much reduction in lag results from Game picture mode only. Thanks.

    • Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do in this situation. It’s quite common for entry level HDTVs to encounter some motion blur, even if they have low input lag. Mid-range HDTVs are better with this, but still not perfect. The only other way to get around most LCD blurring/ghosting is to get a TN monitor, which has its own shortcomings.

  • Hi Four Wude,

    I have decided to purchase the Samsung 4k 48” HU7500. The TV has had very good reviews overall & after a week of doing nothing more in my spare time than checking out tv’s & reading review after review, I have chosen to go with this one. I currently have a Samsung PS50A5562SF, this tv is 5 years old & has served me well, but a change is much needed as the lag I experience right now is quite bad.

    I’m a big gamer & I mainly play Fifa 15, Halo & Destiny on the XB1 platform. Today I read the HDTV review of the set, it says the input lag is 41MS. I have no idea how severe this is, If it is severe at all. Please can you give me your opinion on this as with spending this sort of money I do not want to make a mistake.

    Also, do you know of any other tv’s that you would recommend? It must be able to be good for fast moving tv such as football & gaming.

    Many Thanks


    • Hello Ryan,

      I personally feel that 41ms is very tolerable for most gamers. It can be noticed if you do an A/B comparison with a noticeably faster display, however if you don’t think you’re an extremely competitive gamer, then the difference should be tolerable. I personally wouldn’t object to playing on a 41ms display for most gaming, though if you find yourself playing competitively online a lot, then you might want to consider something faster.

      When it comes to 4K, 41ms is actually one of the faster displays you can purchase. Most 4K sets tend to have over 60ms of input lag when fed a 1080p source.

  • Fourwude,
    This website is truly something. I am very glad I came across this. One suggestion, in your review database it would be nice to have a category with your overall score listed too. You seem to do your job with sincerity and integrity so I and probably many other discerning shoppers would go with your recommendations.

  • I am planning to buy a sony KDL R350C 40 inches for my gaming pc. Adeel , can you please tell me what amount of input lag i might experience. Thanks in advance. Please reply as soon as possible 🙂

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