HDTV Input Lag Tests: 2017 LG 4K UHD TVs


It’s that time of the year again! Over the next month, we’ll be updating our input lag database with 2017 model TVs to see how they stack up to 2016’s impressive models. The first brand in our update list is LG, and boy have they improved their input lag tremendously. The following TVs were tested in “Game” mode, and is required to achieve the low input lag numbers listed below. We’re hoping to test more models within the next few weeks from LG and other brands, so be sure to check out our updates as we post them!


  • 55″ 55UJ7700 – Input Lag: 12ms (Excellent) – Check Amazon
  • 65″ 65UJ7700 – Input Lag: 12ms (Excellent) – Check Amazon
  • 65″ 65SJ8500 – Input Lag: 16ms (Excellent) – Check Amazon


  • 65″ OLED65C7P – Input Lag: 21ms (Great) – Check Amazon
  • 65″ OLED65E7P – Input Lag: 21ms (Great) – Check Amazon

See how these models stack up to others in our input lag database!


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