How to enable “Game Mode” on your HDTV

Ever felt like your HDTV is very sluggish or unresponsive when playing video games? Me too. Thankfully, there is a reason for that and there is a way to reduce it. The measurements on this site were derived from this mode in several HDTVs.

What is “Game Mode”?

Game mode is an option that display manufacturers put into their HDTVs to disable certain image processing protocols when its enabled. It usually makes your picture look worse. Why would anyone want to do that? Because your pretty picture is the reason your controller and inputs feel sluggish. By enabling “Game Mode”, you are disabling certain features of the TV to reduce picture quality, and in return you get more responsive inputs on your controller. The less your TV has to work, the more responsive your controller is.

Sounds great! How do I do it?

This mode varies by manufacturer. Some manufacturers require you to go into a settings menu and enable it from there, while others require you to change picture settings. I will explain how to do it on the major brands of TVs, as those are the most common:


Samsung keeps it consistent when it comes to enabling Game Mode on most of their recent HDTVs. It usually  involves navigating to “Setup”, and then going to “General”. You will see an option for “Game Mode” over there. Use your remote to enable this option.  Update: Some Samsung displays can further lower their input lag over using Game Mode, by renaming the HDMI input to “PC”. Usually, this only works on the dedicated PC HDMI port, which for Samsung HDTVs is usually HDMI 1. If you’re not satisfied using Game Mode, check out the PC rename trick! -Tip submitted by Ian

LG Electronics:

HDTVs from LG enable Game Mode by going into their picture menu. That menu has an option called “Picture Mode”. It lets you select modes such as Standard, Vivid, etc. In that menu, there is an option for “Game”, set your picture mode to that in order to enable it. This location is convenient because you don’t have to go into extra menus outside of picture in order to enable it. Smart placement by LG.


Sharp HDTVs require you to go into “Picture Settings” and change the “AV MODE” setting to “Game”. This method is almost identical to the way LG does it in their televisions. You don’t have to dig through a lot of confusing menus to enable it.


Sony HDTVs are very different from the other brands covered here, because they require your remote control to access the scene menu. Look on your remote for a button labeled “Scene” and press it. Once pressed, it will bring up a scene selection menu pictured below. Simply select “Game” and it will select Game Mode for you.


Panasonic’s Game Mode can be enabled from the “Picture” menu, similar to LG and Sharp HDTVs. Once in the menu, select between different modes until you find the “Game” setting.

Hopefully this article was informative and you’re on your way to more responsive gaming! Remember, don’t forget to check out the display database if you’re interested in purchasing a good gaming HDTV or monitor.

About the author

Adeel Soomro

Adeel Soomro

Adeel Soomro, also known as "Four Wude", has been a competitive Street Fighter 4 player since 2008. Using his extensive gaming experience on a casual and professional level, he aims to spread the awareness of input lag existing in today's displays. Having tested over 300 displays for input lag, he hopes that DisplayLag will aid gamers around the world when purchasing the best HDTV or monitor for gaming.


  • Hello there, name’s Gabriele, SSF4 player FeimitsuDanwa 🙂 I’ve got the LeoBodnar input lag tester myself, and i’ll be glad to help you in your quest, and report numbers from the monitors I come across. Tonight i’ll be able to give you the results for my Dell U2212HM 🙂

    Have a nice day,


    • Thanks Gabriele! I appreciate the gesture but I haven’t finalized how I want to handle user submissions yet. Every display graded on this website was tested multiple times using the bottom measurement as a base. I want to make sure I stick with that standard. I will definitely keep you informed when I add user submissions to this site. Thanks again! If you have any further comments or questions, feel free to e-mail me at

  • With some of the ES6000 series Samsungs it is best to label the gaming input “PC” rather than using Game Mode, as renaming PC, provides the lowest input lag. This is very noticeable without measuring, but has been confirmed in some reviews with measurement.

    The ES6800 and ES6900 certainly sit in this category and I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the lower 6000 series models are also in that bracket!

    • Good tip, Ian! I actually knew about Samsung’s potentially lower input lag by naming the input to PC. However, it usually only works on the HDMI 1 PC input, and it disables a lot of basic features that people may want to use. I’ll update the article with the information though!

      • As a new E7000 series owner I am interested to know if this technique truly works or not, and if it does, to what degree (I believe you have the E7000 at 45-55 ms display lag). Also it’d be nice to know if the PC mode works on all HDMI inputs or only HDMI 1 as you commented.

        I can’t recall the source atm but I did read a review recently that claimed renaming the input to PC did not improve the lag on a tested E7000 or 8000. So I am curious what the variables are.

        • Bryan,

          The technique does work, but it does not produce better results for all Samsung displays. Coincidentally, I tested the PN60E8000 yesterday in Game AND PC Mode yesterday, and I can confirm that PC mode offers no improvement for this model. I would assume the same goes for the E7000 as well, because I got very similar numbers on both the E7000 and E8000 in terms of lag. The PN60E8000 along with other displays will be added to my database by Wednesday.

          From my testing, the PC mode typically only works on the HDMI 1 input, because it is designated as the DVI input for Samsung HDTVs. There is a chance it could work outside of HDMI 1 on some models, but I can’t confirm if that’s true.

          • Very good FW. Thank you for the feedback.

            One final question, since you have alot of experience with this issue in general and some direct experience with 2012 Sammy Plasmas in specific, with a PS3 I have the option of running component directly to my 60E7000 (which I am currently doing just for grins). From purely a display lag perspective, which signal path option do you think is better?:
            1 – Component directly from the PS3 to the E7000 and set in game mode.
            2 – HDMI from the PS3 through a powered HDMI splitter and then to HDMI 1 which is then set for game mode and also labeled PC.

            As you might imagine, I am currently playing a fair bit of Blops2 so shaving off a few frames here and there from my response time is pretty desirable.

            Thanks for insights and for making this forum as well 🙂

          • I think both will result in similar performance. The connection type doesn’t really matter, its mainly what your TV decides to enable on the connection. For example, the reason VGA and DVI tend to lag a lot less is because the HDTV will disable a lot of processing on those inputs. Component and HDMI are considered to be “normal” connection types for the average consumer, so most of the processing is enabled on those inputs to make the picture look great.

            As long as you’re using a powered Monoprice HDMI splitter, I recommend going that route. No lag from my experience and it works wonderfully. HDMI also offers better picture quality over Component because its a digital format, unlike Component’s analog nature.

            Hope this helps!

          • I’m so happy Thank you so much for me and you
            I love you so much better now than ever before I get myself together with you and me and you know that you are the same as the most beautiful thing in my room 😀

  • I noticed my ASUS monitors have a Game Mode but I heard it was more of a color preset and didn’t really do anything to help input lag. Is this true?

    • Yes, this is true for the most part. On all of the ASUS monitors I have graded on this site, the “Game” picture option didn’t do anything to change input lag. With that said, the lag is extremely low and I highly recommend the ones I tested for gaming.

  • Four Wude,

    I think that is sound advice, agree with your logic and I appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions. Although component still looks completely stellar, no sense in not taking advantage of HDMI since to do so is only a 20 some odd dollar adder.

    Good fortunes!

  • I notice that you have tested some ES6500 models and found that the PC mode gives the lowest lag. This is what I was referring to, in my tip about using that for some Samsungs instead of game mode. On these models PC mode is definitely the way to go! (I have the ES6900 and it’s the same there and presumably on all 6000 series above a certain point).

    • Yes, I’ve been trying to redo some of my measurements in PC mode, and concluded that they do change results for the E550 and UNES6500 models so far. I will be updating as many ratings as I can in PC mode. Thanks again!

  • I bought the 32″ samsung listed here eh4003 but mine says eh4003f is there a difference?

    Also how was this one tested on pc input rename or game mode?

    • It should be fine. The HDTV was tested using Game Mode. I don’t think there will be a difference for this model using PC mode, but I haven’t tested it in PC mode.

  • So are all the input lag values from this website measured using “Game Mode”? Wouldn’t it also be necessary to turn off all those pretty filters that TV’s have nowadays? Great website, btw

    • Yes, all displays are tested using Game Mode, as well as any potential filters disabled. I also went further and set all displays to 1:1 pixel scaling.

  • I have a Samsung LE40C750 and I’m just curious if “PC Mode” works better the Game Mode?? PC Mode disables more features then game mode so I’m curious if it in fact reduces input lag further?? I get around 42ms in game mode which can be a pain at times

    • It depends on the HDTV. Some Samsung HDTVs have the same lag rating in both modes, and others have a lower lag rating in PC mode. To be on the safe side, I recommend setting your display to PC mode if you’re okay with having the features disabled. It never has worse lag than game mode.

  • hello, could you test samsung 40F6200, too? i`m looking for a tv anyway so i thought i should take the input lag into account. please check this tv because i`m currently set on it and don`t want to be disappointed later when i`ll get the ps4…. thank you

  • Hey guys, I just bought a samsung un40f6300 off amazon for a good deal I couldn’t pass up. Got it for my new ps4

    One site I read said thts in game mode they got it down to 30ms lag

    On your site it says in pc mode you got 42ms lag, which is fine for what my gaming

    My question is, which mode has better image quality?

    • Game mode will offer more ways to customize your picture, so I recommend using that over PC mode, and try to calibrate it using test patterns.

  • Hi. In my experience with my previous and current TV’s, Game Mode significantly degrades, picture quality. The ratings in the database were achieved in Game Mode right? Is there any way I can achieve lower input lag w/o turning on Game Mode on F series Samsung TV’s?

  • Game mode helps alot with lag. I bought a 60 inch lg smart 1080p 600hzmax for my ps4 and xb1. When I played cod there was serious lag. But then I was told about game mode. Wish I knew sooner before I ruined my stats and then bought a smaller tv lol. But just in time so I can take my smaller tv back.

    • Game mode definitely does its job! The great news is, manufacturers are constantly improving their game modes to offer great performance.

      • Yeah they’re realizing gamers care about good TVs too. I heard great things about newer Sony TVs. Very low input lag, with Game Mode or without, and very good motion resolution with their backlight strobing technique.

    • I have bought samsung led f4100 and connected my ps4 to it which is not connecting via hdmi showing(device is not connected) as well as i cant turn on game mode which is not highlighted ..what should i do .. Update my tv files through usb

  • Do you know how to enable game mode on JVC TVs? I just bought a 100 hz JVC TV and I noticed input lag on PS4 when playing Killzone Shadow Fall, my brother didn’t though.

    I’m actually thinking about returning it and get a 50 hz TV instead if there’s no game mode on my TV (there’s only 50 hz and 100 hz TVs, not 60 hz and 120 hz, in Europe). What do you think? 50 hz or 100 hz If I’m only going to use it to play games and watch movies?
    I heard that if I buy a 50 hz TV it will have max 50 FPS and won’t reach 60 FPS though.

    • I don’t think JVC’s use a game mode. The ones I’ve tested I used the standard picture mode that was available. 100hz may reduce motion blur a bit, but it isn’t vital for 50hz content. You will be seeing the same amount of frames regardless, unless you enable motion interpolation (which creates fake frames and usually adds input lag).

    • I have the same TV model and you can reduce most of the input lag by setting MEMC and HDMI CEC as off. There is still about 0.1 – 0.2 seconds of lag but it shouldn’t affect playing that much.
      TV’s generally don’t support 100hz through computer’s which ps4 is also so that’s why it says 60hz when you start up the ps4 with this TV. If it would support 100hz it would start up as such.

      • I actually found out about the MEMC thing a couple of days ago and it really helped on some annoying picture glitches I’ve been experiencing when playing games. I turned it off and the picture glitches disappeared completely.

        And the input lag I was talking about wasn’t really the TV’s fault I figured. It was just the game itself that had somewhat sluggish controls.

        Not sure how to turn the HDMI CEC off though, I find it to be so few options to change stuff on the TV, but I’m still quite happy with it. Would you mind giving me like a quick guide on how I turn it off? Like what buttons to press and stuff. Would really appreciate it. Thanks man.

        • Well on default it should be off, atleast I had it on off when I first used the TV but the HDMI CEC part can be found in the OPTION part in the menu.

          Also I dont know if you have any screen tear when you watch movies or other media with your PS4 (I had with my computer with AMD 7970 graphics card) but if you do have then you need to change pixel ratios to fix this problem. Hope this helps you out and others with the same TV 🙂

  • That Samsung HDMI 1/PC input tip is amazing! Even less lag now compared to Game Mode, it allows me to change color temperature to Warm2, which Game Mode prevented me to do, and now the image has all post-processing effects greyed out and turned off so the image is as ‘native’ and ‘natural’ as it gets!

    Too bad it only works on one input though…. I want both my PC and Wii U to work this way…

    • It can really bring the input lag down in some cases! Thankfully though, most of my recent testing has shown nearly identical input lag values between PC and Game mode on Samsung HDTVs, thanks to firmware updates.

      • My Samsung TV is getting a bit old though (was top of the line when we got it however), but yeah, glad to see TV manufacturers acknowledging the demand for good gaming TVs with fast response time more and more.

        Sony TVs look pretty amazing these days for gaming. Between their best-in-class input lag and their Strobing Backlight Motion “Impulse” technology (look it up if you don’t know what that is), they really are the best gaming TVs at the moment.

  • This helps a lot! I was just wondering what to do with my LG559700 4K TV – I’ve put on Game picture mode which definitely helps but there is also a Game AV Mode. Should I be flicking this on as well??

      • I found PC mode to make a difference on WebOS HDTVs. On other screens, I’ve found it to produce the same results as the “Game” picture mode.

    • I’ve tried doing that on several LG HDTVs, however I found it to produce the same results as the “Game” picture mode.

      • I just bought an lg and I am unfortunately not very tech savy, I am experiencing major lag and tried switching to game mode for the picture to no improvement. Is there anything else I can do?

  • I’ve been using ‘Game Mode’ on my Samsung LN46C630 since the day I powered on. I did the “renaming trick” after reading this article and noticed a slight difference. Even though it just might be in my head, thanks for the tip!

  • vizio does it to just got to menu go to picture settings put mode on game and go to more and the setting will be there, will be called fast response

  • I have a LG TV model 42LB650V, when I play with the playstation4, I found the inputlag is slow, I do connected to the game mode but it doesn’t change! Anyone can help? Thanks a lot.

  • Question about game mode on new 4K HDR tv’s. Will the game mode also kill the HDR processing?
    If so, the Xbox One S (and Scorpio) will have no real advantage. If HDR is disabled in game mode, the HDR output from the consoles will not be visable. Unless you game on normale mode, but the input lag will be way to high.

  • how about the philips 43PUS 6501/12 tv? it doesn’t have got the best HDR unfortunately… But that has nothing to do with game mode right? does this tv got game mode on it?

  • another question, does a hdmi 2.0 or 2.2 makes a big difference with gaming? or is a standard good as well? And which HDMI cable is the best to buy to get the best gaming eexperience from it with 4K HDR?

  • Hello, im fahri
    I have one question
    My tv is sony hdtv 48 inch and the console is xbox 360
    I set up the scene to game mode
    But, 10 minutes later the scene was changed automatically to general mode, what the sollution you’ve to mefah

  • I have a US555ES7000. trying to get the tv to work in game mood with any hdmi poprts will not work, only works with 21pin skart.. is there anyway to get around this as i want to use game mood on my conbputer with a hdmi port ?

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