The Best HDTVs for Gaming in 2013: Part 1


Following up on last year’s best gaming HDTVs, I managed to get my hands on nearly 30 new HDTVs from Samsung, Sony, Sharp, and LG’s 2013 lineup. Many of the 2012 HDTVs are currently being cleared off store shelves to make room for these new models, rightfully so as they boast some great new features! If you’re on this site, the main question on your mind is whether or not any of these HDTVs are suitable for gaming. Great news, because some of them are! I will be updating the input lag database very soon with further models from 2013, but for now I’m going to list some of my top picks based on what I’ve measured so far.


[column size=”one-half”]Samsung UN55F7100

[/column] [column size=”one-half” last=”true”]

2013 Samsung UN55F7100

[list style=”plus”] [li]Great gaming response[/li] [li]240hz, micro-dimming, 3D, slim[/li] [/list][list style=”minus”] [li]Remote quality is questionable[/li] [li]Active 3D instead of passive (this is subjective)[/li] [/list][/column]


My personal favorite choice so far is the F7100 series from Samsung. This HDTV boasts a 40ms input lag rating in our database, meaning it will be responsive for the majority of gamers (check out our grading scale here). Normally, a HDTV with a low input lag rating would offer the expected bells and whistles such as Smart TV, 3D, etc. However, the F7100 goes an extra mile offering a true 240hz 3D LED panel, as well as micro-dimming! Most LED HDTVs suffer from terrible black levels and poor motion clarity when compared directly to their plasma counterparts, and can be a real pain for serious gamers to deal with. With the F7100’s 240hz panel, fast paced gaming will be noticeably clearer than other HDTVs in its class, and micro-dimming allows the HDTV to darken its pixels where dark content is present. This means that your shadows will be deeper, your contrast will pop, all while delivering the smooth motion clarity of 240hz, all housed into a thin LED panel! If you’re the kind of gamer that wants outstanding picture quality with a fast controller response time, look no further than the F7100. Check the latest price on Amazon.


[column size=”one-half”]Sony KDL-70R550A

[/column] [column size=”one-half” last=”true”]

2013 Sony KDL-70R550A

[list style=”plus”] [li]Responsive for gaming[/li] [li]70-inches, its huge![/li] [/list][list style=”minus”] [li]120hz for price range[/li] [li]Price premium for its size[/li] [/list][/column]


Joining our list of expensive gaming toys is this monster-sized HDTV. Previously a market dominated by Sharp, Sony enters the 70-inch battle with a display that’s great for gaming. I was very disappointed with Sharp’s large-sized offerings as they all offered terrible gaming responses ranging from 60ms+, which was unfortunate for gamers that wanted a big screen gaming experience. I was expecting the same with Sony, but to my surprise it fell under our great category with 36ms of input lag under game mode! This HDTV features all you’d expect from a premium HDTV, including Smart TV, Motionflow, as well as cell phone connectivity to play your content on the big screen. Check the latest price on Amazon.


[column size=”one-half”]Samsung UN40F5000

[/column] [column size=”one-half” last=”true”]

2013 Samsung UN40F5000

[list style=”plus”] [li]Very fast for gaming[/li] [li]Variety of sizes, affordable[/li] [/list][list style=”minus”] [li]60hz refresh rate[/li] [li]Lacks Smart TV functions[/li] [/list][/column]


Our budget king for this year, Samsung’s F5000 series does not disappoint. While falling a tad shy of last year’s great UN32EH4003 (which boasts a great 26ms input lag rating), the F5000 still holds a respectable 28ms rating, being one of the fastest HDTVs in our database regardless! Unlike the UN32EH4003, it does offer 1080p resolution. It comes in 22, 32, 40, 46, and 50-inch sizes, and comes equipped with 2 HDMI ports. There’s not much to say about this set, it does what its supposed to do and is great for fast-paced gaming. Nothing more and nothing less. Check the latest price on Amazon.

[column size=”one-half”]Samsung PN60F5500

[/column] [column size=”one-half” last=”true”]

2013 Samsung PN60F5500

[list style=”plus”] [li]Great gaming response[/li] [li]Deep blacks, great motion clarity and colors[/li] [/list][list style=”minus”] [li]Reflective screen[/li] [li]Plastic base stand[/li] [/list][/column]

The F5500 series tested admirably in our database, with approximately 37ms of lag time. This qualifies under our great rating score. The F5500 series comes in 51, 60, and 64-inch flavors depending on your needs. I listed the 60-inch version as its a good compromise for most people. This HDTV houses a Samsung plasma panel, operating at 600hz and features full Smart TV and 3D features. It also comes equipped with Wi-Fi if you’re short on ethernet cables to use on a HDTV. One of the main features that Samsung is pushing this year is voice control, which, as you guessed, allows you to control your HDTV with your voice. If you’re like me, you could care less about this feature and want to get straight to the action. With plasma’s proven track record of great motion clarity and color reproduction, it’s hard to go wrong with this set. Its low input lag rating ensures that your gaming will go smoothly. Check the latest price on Amazon.
This concludes part 1 of our 2013 gaming HDTV roundup! Stay tuned for part 2 to come in the near future with more brands. Don’t forget to check out our input lag database that currently contains over 200 displays to find the best gaming display for your needs! Also, please visit the following links to learn more about input lag and how it affects your gaming experience:

[column size=”one-third”][button link=”” size=”medium” target=”blank”]The Effects of Input Lag[/button][/column] [column size=”one-third”][button link=”” size=”medium” target=”blank”]Lag vs. Response Time[/button][/column] [column size=”one-third” last=”true”][button link=”” size=”medium” target=”blank”]PQ vs. Performance[/button][/column]


About the author

Adeel Soomro

Adeel Soomro

Adeel Soomro, also known as "Four Wude", has been a competitive Street Fighter 4 player since 2008. Using his extensive gaming experience on a casual and professional level, he aims to spread the awareness of input lag existing in today's displays. Having tested over 300 displays for input lag, he hopes that DisplayLag will aid gamers around the world when purchasing the best HDTV or monitor for gaming.


  • Hey bro, just wanted to say thanks for the updates and articles, your hard work is appreciated. Anticipating part 2! 🙂

  • You mentioned the different sizes these displays are available in. Does that mean that the models in the database, regardless of the ones you specifically tested, will have the same input lag across screen sizes?

      • Hi can anyone help me out here any help would be most appricated does anyone know what would be the better option TV for gaming and picture quality and for screen uniformity out of the samsung UE32EH5000 and the UE32F5000 been trying to make this choice for the past week lol also does anyone no if both of these models are edge lit led technology or direct lit led or full array led thanks

        • I can’t comment on screen uniformity, and unfortunately, I do not test HDTVs based in Europe. The models in my database are from the USA. I recommend checking out AVForums as they grade televisions from Europe. However, based on the USA versions of those HDTVs, you cannot go wrong with either one for gaming. The F5000 should have better picture quality than last year’s models. Both of those HDTVs will more than likely be edge-lit HDTVs. Full arrays are reserved for higher end HDTVs, which can have more lag than entry level sets.

      • This is great to hear because I was wondering the same thing. Have you tested the Samsung UN46EH5000 by any chance? The 40″ version is up on the database with 22-25ms of input lag and I am hoping the 46″ version is around the same ballpark.

        • I haven’t tested the 46″ version, but the common trend of different sizes is that they use the same or very similar panel, resulting in lag ratings in the same ballpark. I would suggest that you take the leap and try it yourself. If you’re unhappy, you can always return it.

          • Thanks for the response. I ended up ordering it on I have one more question though. I heard that samsung sells these TV’s with different panels made by different companies. Would there be a huge difference in input lag with the different panels?

          • Theoretically yes it’s possible, but I don’t think the difference will that big. While the panels may be different, I’m sure that the internal circuitry/software that produces the images ends up being identical between HDTVs. There are times I ended up testing the same exact display 2-3 times and didn’t notice a significant difference in results.

  • I have been looking for input lag times for projectors and there doesn’t seem to be a lot of information around for people wanting to go down this path for gaming (which is great btw).

    I currently have an InFocus IN76 which I have just tested this morning with my brand spanking new lag tester (thanks Leo) and it is sub 20ms on every test point running with a 1080p input through a Marantz SR7001 receiver. I haven’t tested it with a direct input but at 18.7ms through the setup I use, you cant grumble.
    Also tested my LG 50″ plasma (50PZ570T I think it is) which is horrible for gaming. Unsurprisingly it was over 100ms. Regardless of setting it into game, changing the input name to PC, turning all image processing off manually etc the time never dropped below 100ms. Still, it does the missus for watching her soaps and its not bad for movies. I’ll just stick to my IN76 until I can find a 1080p replacement with low lag times

    Do you envisage adding projectors to your list?

    • Very interesting discovery! I will definitely look into getting some projectors graded. For now, it’s merely a matter of convenience. It’s a little hard for me to track down a projector that’s aligned correctly onto a wall. With a HDTV, I can simply go to it and test it at will.

  • Hi…GREAT article. I can’t wait for part two. This is just what I needed as I am looking for a wall TV under 50″ that has low lag input. I was looking at the Samsung series but can’t decide.

    On a side note, I’m currently gaming on a Mitsubishi 65″ DLP television. The model number is WD-65731. Has this TV ever been reviewed for Lag input or is it too high to bother?

    Thanks, Jeff

    • DLPs are a bit of a dying breed so its hard to track them down. Unfortunately I wouldn’t know the lag rating of it, all of the displays in my database are LEDs/LCDs/Plasmas. You’re safe when it comes to some Samsungs, just avoid anything above 50ms. My database has a lot of them listed. However, I would wait till I make an update today of a Sony HDTV I graded. It’s by far the best HDTV I’ve tested for gaming, and it comes in large sizes. 🙂

  • I am looking to purchase a TV in your database, the Samsung UN40EH5000 or the Samsung UN40F5000, though the only ones I have come across are the Samsung UN40EH5000(F) and the Samsung UN40F5000(AF). I just want to be sure these are the same models as long is something that would possibly make me throw it out the window. I play fighting games, ie. SSFIV AE2012, UMVC3, and games of that calibur.

    • Some stores carry slightly different model numbers of the same HDTV. What retailers are you seeing those at? If I were you I would probably go with the one marked (F). Also, if you’re big on fighting games, I also encourage checking out the UN32EH4003, it’s a great HDTV for fighting games.

  • Hey Four Wude, thanks for all of your input thus far! I’m interested in the Samsung f7500 series but have not been able to find any information regarding input lag. Is this a tv that you plan to test? I’m curious as to whether it games more like the f7100 or the f8000. Thanks!

  • Thanks for the reply. I ultimately decided to snatch up the new 50″ Vizio Razor Series to hang on my bedroom wall. It’s 1080p, 240hz, 3D LED Smart Tv for only $799. I’ll keep my 65″ DLP in the living room until I make the jump to a bigger TV.

    I’ve decided to go the monitor route for my Xbox gaming. I can’t decide between these 3 and was hoping for your input.

    These are the 3 monitors:

    27″ BenQ XL2720T $472 on Amazon.

    27″ ASUS VS278Q-P $285 on Amazon.

    27″ ViewSonic VX2753mh $340 on

    I will be using the monitor for primarily First Person Shooters like Call of Duty and Battlefield and I read where you should aim for 2 ms or less. What do you think of the above options?? Have you reviewed any of them?

    Thanks, Jeff

  • I love that there is finally a website that at lists input lag values and i thank you for that.

    I have one question though. Do you account for panel lottery at all in these recommendations? Because let me tell you a story:

    A little less the 2 years ago i embarked in an odyssey that will culminate with me having seen 21, count them TWENTY ONE Samsung tvs being delivered to my house, all of which developed defects in the first 48 hours ranging from dead pixels to banding. Started with the D550 model then moved up to the D5000 model, all 32 inch. Now even though i never opened the service menu to check, it was clear to me that i was getting different panels in my TVS, some of them handled motion terribly some didn’t.

    This is why can’t help but raise an eyebrow when i see articles like these recommending TVs of different sizes like they are the same TV. I mean if they even put different panels in the same size…

    • Thank you for your appreciation towards the website! Truth be told, accounting for panel lottery is a very difficult thing, and I haven’t done specific testing to account for that. However, if you look at my database, there are several HDTVs that are the same model number but different in size. While they don’t always have the exact same numbers, they’re usually within the same ballpark. My opinion is that while panels may be different, the software that controls them SHOULD be similar, and lag is usually introduced by image processing in the HDTV. Unfortunately, there’s no way for me to really prove it unless I test several different panels of the same HDTV. Sorry for that.

  • I have 2 questions:

    1.) UN40F5000: I want this TV for PS3 and PS4 but if I play a 720p game will the lag be higher or the same as the one in the database? (21ms)

    2.) UN32EH4003: because this one it’s 720p and most PS4 games will be 1080p (I believe), would the downscaling cause the 19ms input lag to increase?

    I’m between these 2 because one it’s 720p but it’s faster while the other one it’s bigger and it has 1080p but it’s slower (and it might be even slower with the 720p games on the PS3).

    • Don’t worry about resolution scaling, it has a small affect (if any) on lag. Most of it comes from image processing. With that said, if lag is your highest concern, then I would recommend the UN32EH4003. Downscaling shouldn’t cause any additional lag. Your decision depends on how much you value 1080p vs input lag.

  • Hello I came to your site searching for a new TV for the PS4. What I want is a great picture quality that runs smooth and at least average input lag. From your list I’m deciding between the Sony KDL 70R55A and the UN55F7100. In your preference which would you choose? I am not a big multiplayer guy but I do like to have that low lag input when I want to play. Which do you recommend more for smooth gameplay and astounding picture quality, I was looking at Plasma’s too and the Panasonic TC-P65S60 has great picture quality but not good input. In your opinion out of those 3 which do you think will be the best Im veering for the Samsung but I would appreciate your opinion.
    Thanks for reading and great article!

  • Great work on the website, love that this finally exists!
    Have a question, Im from australia, so more or less the panels will be the same. Im looking at either the 46F7100 or the 47W800A (US model 47W802). I’d love a low input lag panel, hence the sony, but im a sucker for pure image quality along with as little motion blur as possible. Seeing as you have reviewed both 55 inch versions, which would you suggest?
    Keep up the great work!

    • Just another side note. Im a big fan of twitch FPS, but will also play sporting games at times (NBA).
      Im coming from a 50PA6500 so im used to great motion via plasma, but have no idea what that panels input lag would be. Id love to get great image clarity and motion as priority. The 7100 looks the goods, but id love your opinion.
      Once again thanks for your help, and keep the screens coming!

    • Really glad to hear you find the site useful! As far as your question is concerned, it’s a tough call. If (and I mean IF) the Sony 47W800A has the same input lag as its NTSC cousin, then that’s a big selling point to have. The 802A’s input lag rating is a big deal when it comes to HDTVs, as it is unmatched. If having the best input performance isn’t critical for you, then I would personally pick the F7100. I’m a big fan of Samsung’s picture quality, and it wins out over the Sony with a native 240hz panel as well as micro-dimming. Considering that you’re coming from a Plasma, the micro-dimming will make your blacks look deeper than conventional edge-lit LCD panels. If you’re not a hardcore twitch gamer (fighters, shooters, rhythm games), then I feel that the F7100 is a better all-around HDTV to have.

      • With both on game modes or even normal modes, did you notice a distinct difference in image quality and motion blur? Not a fan of the Soap opera effect.
        The 100hz vs 200hz really has me concerned..
        Will hopefully get the chance to plug in a console to both, but chance i cant your opinion will help.
        Thanks for your reply!

      • Do you reckon that the input lag is that much different? I mean between 19ms on the Sony and 39ms on the Samsung. Sure it’s twice as big, but in the real world would you really notice that?

        The other factors you mentioned do seem to push the Samsung ahead a bit, but then I saw this on YouTube:

        • It depends on what games you play. If you play timing-specific games like first person shooters and fighting games, then yes there is a very good chance you will notice it. If you’re NOT a serious gamer, then you will appreciate the F7100’s picture quality over the W802A series. A good compromise is getting the W900A, as it features a higher-end panel, and offers great picture quality as well as low input lag.

  • I have a question. I intend to use a HDTV as a PC monitor. Is the signal always 60Hz, no matter what Hz is the TV? If so, does it matter whether I get a 60Hz or a 120Hz TV?

    • You cannot send a native 120hz signal to a HDTV at the present time. While HDTVs do come with 120hz panels, HDMI is a limiting factor and is capped at 60hz by nature, so the 120hz panel is used for image processing such as motion interpolation. You have to use a 120hz monitor with Dual-Link DVI in order to display 120hz.

      • So what does that mean? Does it matter whether I get a 60Hz or a 120Hz HDTV if I use it exclusively as a PC monitor? Is there any difference?

        • If you’re using it as a PC monitor, then you can output native 120hz via Dual-Link DVI. For PC use, there is a noticeable benefit for using native 120hz input, which results in MUCH smoother motion. As long as your graphics card supports Dual-Link DVI output, you’re good to go. 120hz support doesn’t add lag, it just varies based on the kind of processing used that determines it. 60hz displays are cheaper than 120hz and for console gaming or basic computer use, is sufficient.

          • The reason I’m asking is because the Samsung EH5000 is really cheap and I’m tempted to buy it, but I’ve read there’s some motion issues. My current monitor is 60Hz, so will a 60Hz HDTV give the same performance?

          • Motion issues occur due to the processing used by some HDTVs. It’s a combination of response time and other factors. Most likely, your monitor will have better motion than a HDTV at 60hz. Motion resolution doesn’t get addressed very well until you start going into higher end HDTVs with more features, and consequently, more lag.

  • Could you also test the Toshiba 58L4300U? This could be a winner, since it is very similar to the L2300u which does 30 ms.

  • I’ve found something out that could potentially be the holy grail of gaming that every gamer has been waiting for.

    You probably know about the nvidia lightboost hack.
    Essentially what that does is make use of a 120hz monitor to insert a black frame/stroboscope frame resulting in zero motion blur 2d gaming.
    Essentially you give an LCD the benefits of a CRT. Fast moving objects will then be razor sharp. You can turnaround and still aim at your enemies, because they will not be blurred, giving you a clear advantage when playing shooting or driving games.

    The biggest disadvantage of this technology is that you need a very fast GPU to get 120 fps to be able to take full benefit from this.
    For 99,999 % of current pc’s 120fps is almost impossible to reach when playing modern HD games, such as Battlefield 3 for example.

    Now i noticed an article from the people who created the unofficial Lightboost hack, The article mentions that sony tv’s from 2012 till now seem to have a similar “backlight scanning” feature, that does not even require the Nvidia Light boost hack.

    See also here:

    You simply enable the option “Motionflow Impulse mode”.
    This mode eliminates motion blur up to 75%
    Nvidia lightboost goes all the way down to 92%, but stillm 75% is a phenomenal improvement of course.

    Now here is the biggest advantage: You only require 60fps to be able to fully benefit from impulse mode.

    Nowm the biggest disadvantage of the Impulse mode is that it adds input lag.
    The other disadvantage is that the hdtv starts flickering like a 60hz CRT.

    However, both these disadvantages were on the sony 2012 models.

    As we all know, the 2013 w805 and the w905 models have the lowest input lag ever.
    So the very big, holy grail question is: How low is the input lag in motion flow impulse mode + gaming mode (not sure if they can be combined) for the w805 and w905?

    Now regarding disadvantage number 2, the 60hz flickering, i have reason to believe that the flickering is significantly less on sony’s w805/w905 models compared to sony’s 2012 models.
    Simply read this review that literately confirms it:

    So if the w805/w905 do have reasonable input lag in impulse mode this could be first HDTV that will not criple gaming, but instead, for the first time actually give you a significant advantage over 99,999% of the online (pc) gamers.

    So my question to you is: Could you do the input lag test in impulse mode on the w805/w905, preferably on both?

    • Apparently i did’t read the article from completely, they actually tested gaming mode + impulse mode as well and it is only 30 ms for the w905!

      And that is tested with the Leo Bodnar input lag tester , so the 30ms is very good.
      However the display is dimmer in impulse mode and there a lot more flicker. I wonder about how bad the flickering would be in practice.

      • 30ms is a great rating to have, it will be almost unnoticeable to the majority of gamers. I’m not liking the sound of increased flickering though. The dimming is a natural result of this scanning mode.

    • Great information RuudBoek! I will definitely look into it. I hadn’t heard about this mode in Sony HDTVs. 2011 Samsung HDTVs had a similar mode, but it was worthless so I never attempted to check how it worked in other brands. I will let you know if I find anything!

  • I can only find the Sony KDL-55W802A 55-Inch 120Hz 1080p 3D Internet LED HDTV (Black) in 240hz. I’m from Canada and i don’t know if that makes a difference(can’t order the tv from amazon) Does it have the same ms?

    • Yes, I’ve heard about the Canadian version being 240hz. Unfortunately, there is no way for me to confirm if it has the same input lag. I’m in the US and don’t have access to displays abroad. Sorry!

  • Hello,
    Can you test the Sony 40″ KDL-40R450A since they say you aren’t able to turn off the motionflow(there is a scene called game though)?
    Also the Samsung UN40EH6000 40″. I see you have the different sizes but not the 40”.
    Thank You.

    • I will try my best to track down the 40R450A. The UN40EH6000 should be the same/similar to the other sizes. It’s a common trend with most brands with the same model to have very close lag ratings across all sizes.

    • It should be very similar as it is the same model number. Also, the size has no effect on input lag. Most higher end monitors/HDTVs are larger sizes so they have more processing, but size does not always mean more lag.

  • Which 24-27 LCD tv/ or monitor would you recommend using with Xbox 360 ?
    Need somthing with low input lag right now I’m using a 47 lg 47lv5400 and I fInd there’s a delay any input lag information with the lg 47lv5400?

    • It depends how sensitive you are. I would recommend displays with either ‘Excellent’ or ‘Great ratings if you are sensitive to input lag (stick to the low milliseconds). Please stay tuned for a huge monitor update within the next 2 days!

  • I’ve been trying to find a smaller TV or monitor that I could use for console gaming that has at least some form of speakers and a headphone jack, but I can’t find a single company nowadays that puts headphone jacks on TVs. I have a 19″ Toshiba that has only an optical audio output, which makes no sense. Who is going to use optical output on a 19″ TV? I was even in the process of building an optical audio DAC to solve that problem, but I’m not sure that’s worth it anymore. Most computer monitors won’t even touch audio, and if they do, they usually have a 3.5mm INPUT not output.

    I noticed this Asus ( you mentioned in your lag tester article, and seems nearly perfect for my use, but I still don’t know if it can take audio in through HDMI (as a computer won’t usually output audio through the graphics card) and output it via 3.5mm jack.
    If anyone knows for sure, or knows of a newer one that can do the same thing, let me know.

    • Timerider, if you haven’t purchased a monitor already, do not purchase it. There is nothing wrong with it, but I have a huge monitor update coming up in the next 2 days. You definitely don’t want to miss it!

  • Which small tv about 24 – 27 inch would
    You recommend for gaming with low input lag and low response time.

  • Hi!

    Ive been searching for the ideal gaming tv in google and found this site. Im a fellow fighting game enthusiast too.

    Ive seen your input lag database and right now im eyeing sony’s KDL-40EX640. But the problem is there’s a slight difference in the model number here in my country. What’s available here is the EX650 series. I was just curious if the model number in your site is the same as the one available for my country? And does the screen size matter cos im getting the cheaper 32 inch version?

    I play TTT2U competitively in the arcades by the way and im from the Philippines.

    Thanks and more power.

    • I wish I could give good advice in that regard Kelly, however it is very difficult for me to compare NTSC displays to those of another country. There’s no guarantee that their build is the same, as the smallest things can cause input lag. The best advice I can give is to notice a trend with my database. Most Sony HDTVs I have come across are between 30-40ms of lag. If you’re used to playing TTT2U competitively in arcades, you want to stick to displays that are rated ‘Excellent’ in my database. These include displays such as the Sony KDL-55W802A and KDL-55W900A. I only recommend ‘Great’ displays for gamers that aren’t playing competitively, but want to have a good gaming HDTV. Please let me know if this helped!

  • are there any lower input lag then this samsung UN32EH4003 32-inch tv? or is the lowest for tvs. right now, i,m playing my xbox360 on a monitor, benq monitor rl2455hm gaming monitor with low inputlag, but the thing i dont understand is games feel slow for example when playing nhl13 and cod it feels slugish but on my lg 47in led tv and my roomates samsung32 in lcd feels faster why would that be? are monitors good for console gaming or just pc gaming can that be the cause.

    • I’m not sure why you feel this way. The RL2455HM should be an excellent gaming monitor, with no noticeable input lag. Are you sure you don’t have motion interpolation turned on? It makes the game look smooth but causes input lag (makes movies look like soap-operas).

  • When is part 2 due? been hanging out for it FOREVER! can’t buy a TV until I am sure I have the best balance of gaming lag, price, picture quality.

    Will the new range of Panasonic plasmas be in it? I really had my eye on the ST60 but hear conflicting reports that the VT60 is better for gaming but SOOOOOO much more expensive and tough to justify unless it is truly worth it.

    • Hello Adam, I apologize for the delay in the follow-up article to this. I’ve been grading a lot of monitors lately. I will be doing another round of HDTV tests very soon, and I hope to have another article up within the next 2 weeks.

      In regards to the ST60, it definitely has input lag you can notice if you’re used to gaming on monitors or good gaming HDTVs. If this is a dealbreaker, then I would recommend looking at other options such as the S60 (it has a lower input lag rating).

      I will try my best to get all of Panasonic’s line updated as soon as I can. I appreciate your patience.

      Please stay tuned, and thank you for your support!

        • Adam and Brad, just want to update you guys and let you know that my second buying guide will go up next week. I just finished testing over 40 new displays, so I can give a very comprehensive input on the next article. 🙂

      • Is this coming any time soon? You said two weeks… two weeks ago. Anyway, you must realize there are many reviewers who post input lag on monitor reviews. Input lag is a now a talked about thing with monitors. With HDTVs, this information is much harder to find and dig up. What we really need is for someone to just run around with a leo bodnar device to all of the big electronics shops and test them in the store.

  • Is the Samsung UN32EH4003 32-inch best
    LCD tv for gaming? Or is there a better one ou there with lower
    Input lag, what’s the response time on this tv?

    • Based on what I have tested, yes the Samsung UN32EH4003 is one of the best HDTVs for gaming in the 32″ class. The actual response time isn’t advertised, however I’m sure it’s quite low.

      • would you recommend i buy the eh4003 or the UN32F5500 i want one for the ps4 and most games will run at 60 fps what do you recommend

        • I recommend the F5500 over the EH4003 because next generation consoles will support native 1080p output in games. While the EH4003 is an excellent gaming TV, its resolution is limited to 720p. You will notice double the clarity with several PS4 games by going to a 1080p HDTV.

  • I’m thinking of the Samsung F7100 in a 65. Does anyone know if I can expect the same lag time as the reviewed 55in? I’ve searched and can’t seem to find an answer if different screen sizes of the same model produce similar input latency.

  • can u test some 26 inch LCD/LED tvs such as samsung panasonic sony tv’s , Thats what most xbox gamers use, as 28+ is too big and most tvs u mention r huge.

  • Bump…

    I’m thinking of the Samsung F7100 in a 65. Does anyone know if I can expect the same lag time as the reviewed 55in? I’ve searched and can’t seem to find an answer if different screen sizes of the same model produce similar input latency.

    • Yes, I have tested them in game mode. I found that PC mode lowered the input lag a little further, so my measurements in the database are listed as PC. The game mode works just fine though, it’s just slightly higher (you won’t notice the difference in actual play).

      • Hi FourWude! I’ve been playing Rock Band games since 2008 but never found any decent HDTV when it comes to input lag, I just cant get the calibration perfect, but decent, wich in some cases are not good enough. I have played on a tube tv before but would rellay like to upgrade to an HDTV.

        I’m a top leaderboard competitor on Expert guitar and bass (ranked top 10 on hundreds of songs) so I can tell when there’s even a slight lag (5ms) or not.

        Can you please recommend a HDTV with lowest input lag possible?

  • Thanks for the reply, so do you think 42ms is going to affect my game play on BF3 drastically… Also do you know if the new Xbox One will reduce any lag at all..thank you again

    • It depends on what you’re used to. If you’ve been playing on computer monitors most of the time, then yes, you will probably notice 42ms. Otherwise, it should be fine for most of your needs. Xbox One won’t actually reduce lag per say, it depends on the developer. If they make their games operate at 60 frames per second, then that will reduce input lag noticeably. Expect most games to be 30 frames per second, though.

      • Do you happen to know if TVs across the markets allow you to set between 50Hz and 60Hz? We run 50Hz in Australia but if games on the new consoles run at 60ps, wouldn’t a 60Hz set be much better for that 1:1 frame mapping?

    • You should be fine with the EH5000 series for gaming. There will be a very small amount of lag, but unless you’re used to playing on computer monitors, chances are you won’t notice it.

  • Adeel, Thanks for all that work. As a gamer looking for a new TV, I appreciate it very much. When it comes to DLP input lag, What is your input on mitsubishi DLPs specifically model WD-52631?

    • Hey Bill, sorry to say but I have yet to test DLPs. They’re rapidly getting phased out so it’s difficult to acquire them for testing. Once I do, I will be sure to update them into the database ASAP!

  • Hi planning to get a tv for gaming and watching sports mostly. Have 1500$ approx. on budget what would u suggest. I was tempted at the Panasonic ST series but most reviews are excellent on picture quality but not so good on lag input. Is the 70 ms will really change that much on a FPS gameplay? Im looking for 50 inches or +. maybe i can go 1750 but if only if really good deals.. Im not super familiar with that Ive been playing on my sharp lc-37d40u for years. thank you for answering

    • The ST60 is perfectly fine if you’re not used to playing on faster HDTVs or computer monitors. While the lag is noticeable, I still recommend the HDTV for casual single player gaming. Lag is bothersome if you’re trying to play games that require perfect timing or have some kind of multiplayer component, like first person shooters or fighting games. If you consider yourself a casual gamer, then by all means consider the ST60, as it has an absolutely gorgeous picture. What kinds of games do you play? I can make a recommendation based on that.

      • I bought samsung un60f7100
        Seems not too bad with lag. I play bf3 cod gta 5. Mostly these days. What do u think of this tv.

          • Hi Adeel! Great article.

            I’m buying the Samsung 7100 tomorrow. But I’m curious… What mode was the 40ms lag time for the 7100 measured in? Normal mode or gaming mode? If it was measured in normal mode, that’s pretty impressive, right?

  • looking for a new gaming tv. want 1080p, any size above 40ish inches and of course as cheap as possible. I don’t want a smart tv or 3d or any of that crap. My system is smart and don’t want 3d. Been looking at the LG 47LN5400. Any reviews? any other suggestions?

  • Hi FourWude! I’ve been playing Rock Band games since 2008 but never found any decent HDTV when it comes to input lag, I just cant get the calibration perfect, but decent, wich in some cases are not good enough. I have played on a tube tv before but would rellay like to upgrade to an HDTV.

    I’m a top leaderboard competitor on Expert guitar and bass (ranked top 10 on hundreds of songs) so I can tell when there’s even a slight lag (5ms) or not.

    Can you please recommend a HDTV with lowest input lag possible?

    • Hello Rikard, sorry for the late reply. If you’re serious about keeping high scores, then I would absolutely recommend nothing less than displays in my “Excellent” category. You can view the database here for specifics, though I highly recommend Sony’s W802A/W900A/W850A if you have an open budget:

  • Great writeup mate. I’m just after some quick advice: I’ve narrowed it down now to the 40″ Samsung 7100 and the 42″ Sony W800 but really can’t figure out which one to get. The price on the 7100 was the same as the 6400 so I thought I might as well go one step up. Gaming will be the main thing, however I don’t know if I can tell the difference between 19ms and 39ms. What would you recommend between the two? Also after quality, blacks, contrast, colors, etc.

    • I would recommend the F7100 in this case. It has much better image quality over the Sony W802A. However, the W900A from Sony has excellent input lag, as well as excellent picture quality. I would recommend checking out that display as well, before you make a final decision.

  • I have been looking at many tvs to get ready for the launch of Xbox One. I really want to have 1080p and 120hz refresh rate. I found the Samsung UN40F6300AFXZA for $630 from Best Buy. I read a review stating that it normally runs 120ms input lag but has a game mode that cuts it down to 30ms. I am just worried about the cut in picture quality by using game mode. Can you comment on this?

      • I also like to know what is a good HDTV for my upcoming next-gen console aswell. Purpose is Movies and Gaming.
        I’ve found this tv: Panasonic TX-P42 ST60E €700,-

        This Smart HDTV have 3D active and Gaming Mode.
        Id like to see if someone have a better tv with the pricecap of €750,-
        PS: 3D is not a need but i may reduce the price dough.

    • There will always be compromise when enabling game mode, as the primary use of this feature is to disable image processing. The F6300 tests around 40-50ms in my tests, which isn’t too bad (and might not be noticeable for you). I do recommend checking out last year’s UN40EH5300, it’s an excellent HDTV with very low input lag:

  • I’m used to gaming using a big SDTV but this upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday I am looking to get a decent HDTV for gaming. Any TV’s worth grabbing on Black Friday ($300-$400 range)? And will I notice lag going from a SDTV to HDTV?

    Edit: I will be using the PS4 as my gaming device if that helps any

  • I just got an 40″ Element hdtv led tv. and I wanted to use it in my studio for recording mixing bands. but the mouse would lag so much. are there any within the price range of $289 to $350 TV’s that has either very little to none lag time? whats the cheapest without lag.

  • So when I go back out to buy another 40″ hdtv what should I be looking for? its mainly for my pro studio that does recordings, mixing, and masterings. so I need that mouse to not lag on me lol. what numbers or anything should I be looking for? thank you so much. please respond. thanks!

  • Hello!
    I am new here.
    I see in Input Lag Database that UN40F5000 and UN46F5000 have 28ms, what about UN42F5000, have the same ms?
    Screen Type and Display Type is LED HDTV, is similar to TN panel or …? Can you give more details? I don t like TN panel..
    UN40F5500, UN46F5500 is similar to TN panel or …?
    What is Metric AVG or BTM?
    Response time plus input lag equal Input Lag form Input Lag Database?

    I am from Europe so I assume that UN (are North American) models, UE (European) and UA (Asia/Australia)? In my Country I have found only this models (UE40F5500, UE46F5500, UE46F5000, UE42F5000) so I decided to by this model UE46F5000 (because of the 28ms input lag) . I will use this TV for gaming and movies – I think it’s a good choice, no?
    Can you confirm me that UN46F5000 is the same as UE46F5000?
    Thanks in Advance!
    And sorry for so many questions.

    • Most sizes in the same model range tend to have very similar input lag ratings. I would say that the UN42F5000 will have identical input lag ratings to the rest of the F5000 series. Most HDTVs in this class range do not use TN panels; that is usually reserved for entry level computer monitors. An easy way to check is to move your head around on a static image. If it severely darkens, then it’s an indication of a TN panel.

      The metric refers to how the display was tested. BTM means that it was tested using the lowest area of the screen (area with most lag), and AVG means that it was calculated using the average of all 3 parts of the screen (average lag). As of June, I have switched to using only averages, to fairly compare displays among multiple websites using the same testing method.

      You are correct on the regional designation. I only have access to NTSC/USA displays, which is why my database contains no UE or UA models. While it’s hard for me to say, it should be safe to assume that the UN46F5000 will have similar lag to the UE46F5000. I recommend checking websites like AVForums or HDTVTest for European HDTVs.

      Hope this helps!

  • hi.thanks for this your article, it really taught me alot. i am planning on getting an xbox one in december i just ordered a samsung UN40EH5000 40-INCH 1080P 60Hz LED HDTV for $377 #blackfriday and was wondering if i made the right choice. you rated it as 24ms which is quite impressive but i dont know if you got that value with a particular setting(i read reviews and people kept on tinkering with the settings) also does it have game mode? thanks

    • The EH5000 series is excellent for gaming! It does have game and PC mode. Switch it to game and you should have no issues with input lag.

  • What is the difference between f5000 and f5005? I’m going to buy ue40f5005 or ue42f5000 and i know that f5000 have pretty good input lag but i would get the f5005 with 100€ less money.
    So do you know/can you test the input lag of ue40f5005?

    • There shouldn’t be any real difference. Sometimes, certain stores carry slightly different model numbers, even though the specs of the display are the same.

  • Can you recommend the best 32in TV (1080p) 120hz for gaming with little or no compromise to video quality? I’m debating a few models I found, my price range $600 an below.. :/ I was lookin at the Samsung 6300 for $599…

  • I have a 32″ Westinghouse UW32S3PW and I found somewhere that listed 6.5 ms as the response time. Is this accurate? So does this mean that it’s the best tv for input lag? I’ve seen that there is a Samsung with only 28 ms input lag. Please clarify this because I was thinking about buying the Samsung fir the best FPS online experience. Thank you.

  • which would you perfer samsung 46″ 240hz smart 3d or vizio m series 50″ 240hz smart 3d? im new and need help picking. which would be best! for gaming and entertainment. please thankyou.

    • It depends on the model number. I generally like Samsung’s picture quality more, but Vizio isn’t bad at all. What model numbers?

  • Hello!,

    I’ve just bought the UN46F5000 for gaming and blurays through my PS4 but im not sure if the UN40F5500 could be a better option in terms of image quality and input lag, in your record both appear with the same input lag 27ms.

    The other point is, I saw that the F5500 has a dual-core processor, thats could help to improve the image quality to watch blurays and HD TV Channels?

    I would like to see your expert point of view because I’m on time to return the TV and take de F5500.

    Thank You!

    • I don’t think it will make much difference in picture quality, but you may notice faster menu operation and small changes similar to that.

  • hi all,
    i am planning to buy a 40 inch samsung LED tv and have shortlisted 2 models
    1) Samsung EH5000 – 56,000 INR
    2) Samsung F5000 – 58,000 INR
    which one should i go for ?

  • I have a mitsubishi dlp 60 in could u give me the input lag for that because ive noticed alot of time by the time i spot someone im dead as i play cod alot

  • Does anyone know the input lag of a element eleft407 40″ tv ?? It has a response time of 6.5ms but I’m trying to find out the input lag! I play fps games online and I struggle alot with going even to above even on my k/d with this tv !

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