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Sony 4K TVs tested for Input Lag

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We’re back again with another round of input lag database updates! I managed to get my hands on several TVs and monitors earlier this week, across various different sizes and brands. These updates will be trickling down over the course of the week. First up, many of Sony’s displays from 2016 have been updated to the database, all of them tested under the “Game” picture mode to reduce image processing. I’ve received many requests to test Sony TVs, and many of these should be going on sale soon to make way for newer models. Almost all of these TVs have a Great designation, which makes them suitable for most gamers. If you value the fastest possible response, then check our Excellent category in our input lag database. Be sure to check their prices using the Amazon links below.

Sony 2016 4K TVs:

  • 43″ XBR-43X800D – Input Lag: 32ms (Great)Check Amazon
  • 49″ XBR-49X700D – Input Lag: 30ms (Great) – Check Amazon
  • 55″ XBR-55X850D – Input Lag: 34ms (Great) – Check Amazon
  • 65″ XBR-65X750D – Input Lag: 31ms (Great) – Check Amazon
  • 65″ XBR-65X850D – Input Lag: 35ms (Great) – Check Amazon
  • 65″ XBR-65X930D – Input Lag: 35ms (Great) – Check Amazon
  • 75″ XBR-75X940D – Input Lag: 34ms (Great) – Check Amazon
  • 75″ XBR-75X850D – Input Lag: 34ms (Great)Check Amazon

Sony 2016 1080p TVs:

  • 48″ KDL-48W650D – Input Lag: 43ms (Okay) – Check Amazon

Sony 2016 720p TVs:

  • 32″ KDL-32W600D – Input Lag: 25ms (Great) – Check Amazon

Sony 2015 TVs:

  • 65″ XBR-65X900C – Input Lag: 35ms (Great) – Check Amazon

If these displays did not suit your needs, then be sure to head over to our input lag database, featuring over 450 displays tested for gaming!

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