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Sony 4K, W650A, W850A, and more tested for Input Lag


Hello everyone! With the impending release of the next generation consoles upon us, I managed to get a few more screens tested for input lag. Some of these were highly requested from a lot of my readers, so I hope it proves useful in your future HDTV purchase:


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(24”) Sony SVL24147CXB LED Touch PC

(32″) Sony KDL-32W650A LED HDTV

(65″) Sony KDL-65W850A 3D LED HDTV

(65″) Sony KDL-65S990A 3D LED HDTV

(55″) Sony XBR-55X850A 4K 3D LED HDTV

(65″) Sony XBR-65X850A 4K 3D LED HDTV

(65″) Sony XBR-65X900A 4K 3D LED HDTV

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Best HDTVs for Gaming: Part 2


All of these displays can be found in the input lag database.


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Adeel Soomro

Adeel Soomro

Adeel Soomro, also known as "Four Wude", has been a competitive Street Fighter 4 player since 2008. Using his extensive gaming experience on a casual and professional level, he aims to spread the awareness of input lag existing in today's displays. Having tested over 300 displays for input lag, he hopes that DisplayLag will aid gamers around the world when purchasing the best HDTV or monitor for gaming.


  • hi adeel thank you for this website
    i wanted to know if the sony kdl 42w650 has lower input lag as the 32
    i notice on other tv’s that the size dosent make a difference but i saw on hdtvtest that the 42″ of the w650 has lower input lag (16 ms) i think
    and i wanted to know if the reference make any difference like 653a /670a etc…

    buying the tv for my ps4 as a competitive gamer and the w805a is so expensive in morroco
    sorry for my eng im morrocan

    • It’s hard to say for certain as I’ve only gotten my hands on the 32″ version. It is very possible that there are differences in panels, which results in lower input lag for the 42″.

      Generally speaking, unless you are used to playing on low lag computer monitors, I highly doubt that the W650A’s input lag will be an annoyance with most gaming.

  • Sorry posted this earlier in the wrong area. I am reposting this here.
    Please test the Samsung UN65F9000AF I see that I am not the only one that would like to see the result of the Samsung. I know from early source’s (2008) Samsung and Mircosoft worked together to improve their Gaming Mode on their sets. I don’t know if this still hold true today. Thank you for your latest update on the Sony XBR’s.
    By the way this is a note for all consumers that are looking at the 55 and 65 inch XBR65X850a. Before you buy, ask the retailer to show the end credits to any movie. What you will see will surprise you. I know it surprised me and saved me $4.500. During the end credits to Avatar. I notice that the credits where flickering while all the sets around the XBR were super smooth as they scrolled up the screen. The mgr and the magnolia rep were very surprised as they were seeing the same thing I was. So they pulled another TV and ran a separate Blu Ray player and HDMI to the new set and it had the same problem. I am not sure why this is happening but we tried many different modes on the TV and the only one that improved the flickering was Sport mode. Needless to say I am back in the market for a low input lag 65inch 4k TV. Thank you so much.

    • I will try my best to get my hands on a F9000 for testing. I really appreciate your patience until then.

      That issue you mention with the XBR is strange, and sounds more like a backlight dimming issue. Would the screen constantly change brightness as credits scrolled by?

    • The Samsung UN65F9000AF has reports of anywhere from 58ms to 67ms and that’s in gaming mode. I am in the 4k market currently as well. I was leaning towards the Samsung but I use my TV for gaming mostly and that response time is unacceptable. One thing to keep in mine about new 4K panels is that it takes allot more processing to display an image which increases the lag. It may take a few more years until the rates go down. I just ordered the Sony XBR-65X900A and I have viewed the credits in the store and they might have had the motion set on Impulse. I also called Samsung to ask if a future evolution kit will help with the panels response time and he gave a direct “No” it only upgrades the tv for smart features. I can live with a 40ms response time with the Sony.

  • Hi there: I want to know what is the input lag for the Sony KDL-60R520A, some one told me that it has the same features as the KDL-60R550A (31ms) but I want to be sure. The only difference is that 520A does not have 3D and is $200 cheaper.
    I don’t mind not to have 3D, I want this TV specially for gaming and if I can get the same for cheaper I would buy it.

  • Hi,
    I saw that you reviewed the Panasonic tc-p65st60 and it received a bad ratings of 75. Does the same rating hold true for the 55″ version the tc-p55st60?


    • While I haven’t measured it, most people report high lag across all ST60 models. If you still want Panasonic Plasma and want lower input lag, check out the S60. It has around half the lag of the ST60.

  • Thank you for doing great job, in making these tests. I found them very helpful. I have questions regarding sony kdl-42w650A and 42w650 Is there any difference in input lag between these two. Or they are totally the same in terms of it.

  • First of all, love your site I’m a serious gamer and have bought my 4 last tvs based on your list. I usually stick with samsungs and getting the best input lag is pretty easy with the PC mode, however with this sony there are so many settings that I am unsure of which settings add input lag. If you guys have the settings you used to get your 18ms input lag could you please pass them on to me, the one I’m most curious about is the motionflow setting, I’m assuming you used the impulse mode? Does having it on smooth or standard add input lag.

    Thanks and once again great work.

    • For Sony HDTVs, all you have to do is change the scene mode to “Game” and disable any additional processing in the menus. Enabling motionflow or impulse mode will increase your input lag.

      Please let me know if this helped, and I’m glad you love the site! Please let others know about it. 🙂

  • Any way to test the input lag on the Sony XBR-65X950B? I have a w900a and was thinking about stepping up to this unit.

    • I’ll see what I can do. Keep in mind that the W900A is an amazing HDTV, which is hard to come by again. I’m not very thrilled about Sony’s 2014 lineup currently.

  • At first I thought no resolutions higher than 1080p were listed because when I clicked “Resolution up/down” from the blue bar over the listing it didn’t show them (only from drop down box).

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