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2014 LG, Samsung, Sharp, & Sony Input Lag Results


It has been quite a while since our last input lag database update, and with 2014 HDTVs being readily available to purchase, I managed to get my hands on several 2014 displays, including a few from last year as well. This update brings our database up to 327 displays, which is a staggering amount! This update adds 34 new displays to the input lag database. Please look forward to more database updates in the near future.


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(24″) BenQ RL2460HT LED Monitor

(24″) BenQ PG2401PT IPS LED Monitor


(39″) Haier LE39F32800 LED HDTV

(58″) Haier LE58F3281 LED HDTV

(65″) Haier 65D3550 LED HDTV


(50″) LG 50LB6500 3D LED HDTV

(55″) LG 55LB6300 IPS LED HDTV

(55″) LG 55LB6500 3D LED HDTV

(60″) LG 60LB6500 3D LED HDTV

(60″) LG 60LB6000 LED HDTV

(65″) LG 65LA9650 4K 3D LED HDTV


(40″) Samsung UN40H5500 LED HDTV

(40″) Samsung UN40H6350 LED HDTV

(50″) Samsung UN50H6350 LED HDTV

(50″) Samsung UN50H6400 3D LED HDTV

(55″) Samsung UN55H6400 3D LED HDTV

(55″) Samsung UN60H6350 LED HDTV

(60″) Samsung UN60H6400 3D LED HDTV

(60″) Samsung UN60F6400 3D LED HDTV

(65″) Samsung UN65H8000 3D LED HDTV

(75″) Samsung UN75F7100 3D LED HDTV

(75″) Samsung UN75F6300 LED HDTV


(60″) Sharp LC-60EQ10U LED HDTV

(60″) Sharp LC-60SQ15U 3D LED HDTV

(70″) Sharp LC-70EQ10U LED HDTV

(70″) Sharp LC-70SQ15U 3D LED HDTV

(70″) Sharp LC-70UQ17U 3D LED HDTV

(80″) Sharp LC-80UQ17U 3D LED HDTV


(60″) Sony KDL-60W850B 3D LED HDTV

(70″) Sony KDL-70W850B 3D LED HDTV


(32″) Toshiba 32L1400U LED HDTV

(40″) Toshiba 40L3400U LED HDTV

(50″) Toshiba 50L3400U LED HDTV

(50″) Toshiba 50L1400U LED HDTV

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All of these displays can be found in our input lag database, located right here: input lag database

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Adeel Soomro

Adeel Soomro

Adeel Soomro, also known as "Four Wude", has been a competitive Street Fighter 4 player since 2008. Using his extensive gaming experience on a casual and professional level, he aims to spread the awareness of input lag existing in today's displays. Having tested over 300 displays for input lag, he hopes that DisplayLag will aid gamers around the world when purchasing the best HDTV or monitor for gaming.


  • Hi there Adeel .. thanks forthe Amazing work.

    i am in the market for a new gaming monitor.. mainly fighting games.

    there few interesting monitors that i dont see the lag results on this site.. not sure if you already have some infor about them

    Asus LED VG248QE
    BenQ XL2411T

    would be great if you have any info to share regarding these monitors

    • I haven’t tested the 42″, however the 50-60″ versions tested to be between 23ms-30ms of input lag, once PC mode is engaged and the picture mode is set to “Game”.

  • So I play a lot of racing sim games over the years, and bf4, but 27 is just not big enough, and 42 is the min for me console and pc. The bigger the better to make the cars seem more life like when in them driving, so have you tested any of the monitors in the 42-55 range or should I just stick to tv’s???

    • Haven’t tested monitors that large unfortunately, you are probably better off going to HDTVs if you are looking at something that large!

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